Thursday, June 20, 2013

summer rhythm ...

Returning from vacation ... 

 I know - another vacation - such is the life of the unemployed but never slow wildish woman.  Except it seems my lessons of late revolve around me accepting and transitioning into a new rhythm of living ...

While summer is often discussed as the place on the medicine wheel for action, I find my expectations for focused action or intentions crashing headlong into the seemingly random and erratic movement of the summer schedule. Bedtime is a hazy concept right now, as is the notion of routine outside of swimming, eating, ice cream and my favorite - puttering.  

Suffice to say, I am ambling my way into change.  Uncertain as to which fires I should tend, I am allowing myself the luxury of responding daily to what calls to me, to where the energy and my interests seem strongest.  My only practice is to practice something; writing, painting, drawing, sewing.  Summertime and a child at home do not allow for much more focus than that.

Coming home, I realize the greatest gift of my travels has been time to connect in the flesh with other creatives who value and see mothering as another piece within the crazy quilt that is the multi-passionate women.  (I so prefer this title over the more 19th century educated young lady-esque category of dilettante.)  

My time spent with these sister/mamas fortifies me for the challenges faced daily with my dragon-blooded child, while also supporting me learning to trust my mothering instincts.  I gain new tools talking to, and witnessing my friends be with their children; I am refreshed and inspired to continue to craft an ever-evolving relationship with my child based upon respect, love and being true to oneself. So many of us are bringing mindfulness and light to our roles as Women and Mothers; dismantling habits of thinking and reacting passed down by previous generations while at the same time revitalizing the sense of connection us to a rich and storied past.  

We are home for quite awhile now and I am allowing myself the luxury of savoring: long bedtime reading (we are currently in the second of the Lemony Snicket series The Reptile Room); mornings on the patio before the heat and winds kick up; transferring the main floor into a painter's atelier (Cowgirl's latest series focus upon the Food Chain with Dragons as apex predators); simple dinners (after some series food and beer binging in Portland/Seattle area) with early fare from our garden; and weekly coffee dates with girlfriends to get me out of the house.

Not sure what my slime trail looks like, but am certain it is colorful.

Did I mention the goal is to hug as many friends as I possibly can?  Summer's just beginning and Cowgirl and I have some important work to tend to ...

So chill-ax and enjoy the long days!




  1. swoon
    it looks perfect from here Lis!

    be peace-filled

    love and light

  2. ah yes....surrendering to the summer rhythms....i'm definitely learning that this is NOT the time for Serious Pursuits or Sensible Planning. summer is, as ever, the season of Play.

    yes..that, i can do.

    much love to you!!!


    ps. there is a need for hugs north of the border....just sayin'. ;)

  3. so important to connect with other mamas who value mothering as " another piece within the crazy quilt that is the multi-passionate women". even tho my little one isn't little anymore, it was/is vital to me to do the same. we are healing future generations along with the ancestors as we mindfully mother our children...btw, I can putter any day, any season... tho summer putter has a timeless quality to it that is quite special. love you mama bear! xx

  4. Listening to what your heart wants, your soul wants, so incredible. Though I can understand that it can be hard. Fun vacation - love the banana slug and seeing you with Pixie! xo