i am

Who am I?

I am roots exposed
the bone waiting for a dog's mouth
a creative explorer
caterpillar traversing the sidewalk
darkness containing the candle
Joy Warrior
Cherished Creative
the chipped mug tea always taste best in
recovering perfectionist
lapsed artist returning to the fold
crone before maiden
hand holding sunlight
perpetual beginner
curious monkey mind
Lodge Sister

What do I do?

I practice and teach Kripalu yoga
I work a part-time job in the field of Art History
full-time creative aspirant
joyfully learn and grow as a mother to a dragon spirited girl-child
take pictures
examine my dreams
apprentice to Nature
sometimes clean and cook
collect experiences
push myself to learn and grow
attempt to weave magic into daily day, anyway I can 

Why do I blog?

For me, blogging is a means of self-expression and discovery. Through creative activity I come to know myself as empowered and connected to something greater than any of my fears or insecurities.  This blog is a place where I share my stories, in the hope that doing so will inspire others to seek the lessons and the magic unique to their lives as we all learn to free our voices.  

The focus of this blog is my life - messy, confused, but always celebratory with moments of clarity, insight and hopefully, glimpses of inspiration.   

One part gratitude journal, one part love letter to my girl, and one part travel journal as I fumble my way towards recovery of the girl who believed she could be an Olympic medalist in paddle ball. 

Or perhaps this will prove to be simply a breadcrumb trail to the real me ... 

All are welcome to keep me company on any portion of this journey.  Have a smidge of nutella on an animal cracker and tell me your stories.

xo Lis

Email: Lishofmann[at]novia[dot]net


  1. What a gorgeous page. xo S

  2. May I have permission to use an image of your "create" prayer flag in a flyer? I am ED of a non-profit preschool and community center in New Hampshire and I am organizing a community art project and fundraiser for the organization... asking folks to make creative prayer flags and write their prayers or aspirations for display in the community with a donation...

    1. Hi Jocelyn! I hope you find this note! I couldn't find an email for you on blogger. Anyway, thank you for asking permission and yes, you may use the image of "create" from my prayer flag for your fundraiser. I would love to see the flyer! You can reach me at: Lishofmann88(at)gmail(dot)com


  3. Dearest Lisa, I’d love to get in touch with you- I’ve taken your sketch course. Do you have an active email address? Mahalo! Jessica

  4. Oh, and I am reachable at moonkissd@gmail.com. Jessica