Friday, March 4, 2011

paint and potatoes ...

... the staples of a creative life.

Some days, I'm just too busy to stop and play with words. When things get crazy, I am finding it is best to return to the basics and indulge my inner child. So out came the potatoes, the carving knife and the bin of paints. Cowgirl and I spent the afternoon sprawled on the floor experimenting with color and stamping anything within reach. I couldn't even stop to take pictures, the ride was that wild, that ... well ... joyous.

Cowgirl's prints:

And from her journal:

My cards:

Some of the cards were textured cardstock that we painted in dry brush or wet wash, using two colors of craft acrylic paints and blotting, smearing with baby wipes. I also used postcards I had gessoed with a thick layer and then stamped foam stamps into the gesso to create a textured effect. When the gesso was dry, I then applied a coat of paint, let it dry and applied a second contrasting color on top of that, removing color and some of the gesso with a baby wipe. Then I stamped on top of them using craft acrylic paints applied onto the potato stamp. All of these ideas were inspired by what I am doing in Em Falconbridge's Got Paint Course. We are in heaven!

Okay, Joy Warriors, your mission for the weekend:

Got that? Report back on Monday.
I expect a lot of paint to be spilled, hands messy and hearts filled.

(Meanwhile, I've got some stuff simmering in my mind ... big A-Ha's coming up soon. Definitely good stuff happening all around. The Right-Brainers Business Summit by Jennifer Lee is rockin' my mismatched socks off! )

i got to meet Jennifer at Squam; here we are posing for the lovely Susannah Conway
notice our almost matching scarves?


  1. LOVE this!!! ANd LOVE that photo of two of my favorite creative goddesses!

    BIG Hugs!

  2. Wow, I almost took Got Paint. Decided to try to put my time into finishing Misty's class though. I could use a little kick-butt inspiration, slop a little paint around. I'm still thinking about Big, looking around to see where I will perform that magic in my sudio with little wall space.

  3. oooooh...i've got a hands are already covered in paint with bits of mystery stuff stuck to

    mission accepted...


  4. Ooo, creativity weekend! Just what I need right now!

    Now, where did I put that cashmere yarn? ::runs off to dive into yarn stash::

  5. Love, love, LOVE these gorgeous prints!! I definitely see some creativity unfolding this weekend!

  6. i love that cowgirl has her own journal! it has been years since i've used potatoes in that way - these days i just eat (lots of) them. thanks for the assignment. i will get started right away.

  7. oh lis- i love those paintings- all that color.

    loved hearing about the sweet ceremony you had for you dog. losing someone you love so much is so hard.

  8. We didn't use paint ...we used marker and were still covered in color...glorious color! YES, we created a T-shirt especially for Doodle and it was AMAZING! I wrote about it but it brought everyone together after dinner last evening...we were all arting ...Doodle even got her 70 year old "I can't draw' Grandma in the is magic