Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring play

We are having fun here:

Playing with flowers and making garden mandalas (Herb camp fun!)

Ready for our next Mighty Girls Art Camp project

Today's to-do list includes:

-reassembly fairy circle (the Husband lay new bark mulch in the flower beds)
-make more sun tea

-finish hard boiling eggs
-boil onion skins and turmeric; blueberries; coffee; cranberries - cool and dye eggs

-clean kitchen
-get outside and play!

To this list Cowgirl has added: go out for YoYoBerri Yogurt
To which I say - Of course!

Happy Easter! May the Easter Bunny bring you your favorite treats. Or a Beyblade Pegasus Galaxy toy if you are Cowgirl. Guess that means I have to add to the list - figure out what in the world is a Beyblade Pegasus Galaxy!


  1. I think we have the Beyblade Pegasus Galaxy top. That is what Beyblades are - spinning tops and we have a whole wack of them. You'll find them in the boys section of toys r us or walmart or target.

    I am jealous of your dandelions and sandals! We had stupendous March weather and now it's cool again. But I hung some laundry on the line today - the maiden voyage!

    Happy mandala-ing.!

  2. So much beauty in one post. Makes me want to go leap through the dandelions!