Saturday, June 2, 2012

feeling a little more upbeat ...

Like a mantra, the words of a good poem can carry us through adversity and challenge, supporting forward movement and inner growth.  I am aware of my own cycles of turning to poems and writing them myself.  When the going gets tough, I reach for a favorite book, my journal and a pen.

For more poetry goodness, visit Milena here and here.

Danna Faulds books of poetry available here or you can contact her directly for autographed copies of all her books.


  1. Lis, you are so brave! Love the t-shirt too. I feel like I no longer have the choice but to dive in lately. I am also feeling how much really is about choice. All this in a peri-menopausal spin. I am coming late in life to poetry but it's never too late, is it? Thanks for the references. The only thing that is constant is change, I am learning to embrace it and flow with it instead of meeting it kicking and screaming. Who knew I could be so ...well... me.

  2. waiting on the other side of the waves... you are so beautiful... being able to begin again, as a flying rabbit or as an unsure woman who is doing it anyway... i send you great love my friend

  3. Oh yey Lis, I can see this turning into a little poetry project :) It is so lovely to see your beautiful face and hear that soulful voice. I am sorry things are tough at the moment - I am glad that you are a strong warrior at heart who is able to get up again as you say. Sending you so much love and I am so grateful for your very sweet mention about my blog.
    Milena xxx
    P.S the flying rabbit is awesome!

  4. SO good to see your dear self! Hooray for the healing power of poetry:) Sending much love your way!

  5. begin somewhere
    take one deep breathe
    and dive.....

    what beautiful words
    lovely to hear your voice
    see your face
    I truly enjoyed this

    love and light

  6. loved hearing and seeing you my friend.. I walk besides you.


  7. Love the video of you! And love the poem! And LOVE the t-shirt! Where can I get a flying rabbit t-shirt?

    lot's of love

  8. You are amazing , wise, beautiful beyond words!Those waves will settle, recede, go still. The Ocean Mother, Yemaya, She Who Is, reminds you to lay back on the water and trust. This alleviates the getting-knocked-down & allows Her to carry you where you need to go. . .

    The poem is exactly what I needed to hear this late hour-
    Sending you love, light, peace-
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.