Monday, March 4, 2013

making magic (+ Amulet giveaway)

This is how we fill our days ...

I'm not ready for Winter to exit just yet ... I am loving the snow that seems to arrive while I'm sitting at the kitchen island, sipping my coffee.  I turn around and snow is falling and I can just sit and watch and take my time dreaming.

And I can watch this girl play in it ... before donning my boots and joining her.  

But the reminders are all around us that it is indeed a time of celebration and new beginnings ... 

Happy Year of the Snake in case you didn't know!  Snake's message being one of forward movement (although I think of snakes slithering sideways which is more my style) and shedding what has become confining, out-dated, no longer needed.  

Time to step into new dreams, new adventures.  


My girl was so proud of her outfit!  After the New Year performances, we ran into the bathroom where several of the dancers and musicians were changing.  "I look like a performer!" she said with great pride.  Yes, indeed ... she would have been a good Monkey Queen!

I love that our home is a place of magic and wonderment for us all.  Cowgirl still leaves offerings for the fairies in their mailbox. 

She explained it was a tiny velociraptor that the fairies could ride if they needed to travel quickly.  Knowing she would be waiting for a response, I decided to offer my support in some fairy magic making ...

His name is Edmund Owl.  I purchased the kit on a whim last Spring from Fancy Tiger pop up Shop when I was attending the Makerie Creative Retreat.  He's been waiting patiently for his birth and even with my rusty sewing skills I was able to whip him up in no time! (And now I see how easy it would be to recreate and expand upon this simple but adorable design.)

I ask you: who could resist those eyes?

Even though  it was day time, Edmund waited for Cowgirl's return from school.  Now, she had seen the kit so I was a little worried about her reaction.  But my girl is a believer and I think she wants to believe even when there are gaps in the curtain and we can see behind the screen to the wizard. (When visiting Santa this year, he invited her to take a toy from the basket by his chair.  She grabbed a top - she loves spinning things! - and immediately noticed the made in China sticker.  Did you know elves from around the world apply to work in Santa's workshop?  There are many Chinese elves!) 

When she came home she immediately saw Edmund sitting in the mailbox.  "Mom!" she exclaimed, "the Fairies made the owl for you!" 

Like I said ... who could resist those eyes?

Speaking of magic ... I have a copy of the online magazine Amulet to give away this week.  It is full of magic and inspiration in words and images and yes, I have a piece about my girl nestled within its virtual pages.  I am giving away the current edition (one)  Winter: Frozen, Hope, Transition.  The second edition Burst of Spring will become available for purchase April 1. You can read more about their offerings here or visit their facebook page.  

I will pulling one name from the comments for this post, so leave me your words and be entered to win!  Tell me ... how do you support magic in your life?

I will draw the name on Sunday, March 10 and announce the winner next week.  Be sure I have a way to contact you should you win!  Good luck!   


  1. I love that Cowgirl believes so wholeheartedly in faeries! I hope that she keeps on believing. Such a cute owl, those faeries are talented ;). I had a magic making day yesterday - herbal decoctions, tangerine lip balm, and planting seeds. Magic for me is when I get to work with plants. So wonderful. Keep on with your magic making! xo

  2. how i love how you weave magic into your world and for cowgirl! keeping it alive! yes!
    for me? i listen to "the voices" and surrender to the images that come to my canvases. there is great medicine there. when i remember to listen!

  3. I love your post today - the photos of your daughter are lovely!
    My brother's daughter, Adeline, is from China. He sent a link of her dancing for Chinese New year and then of her skating in a competition. Such a contrast but both fit her.
    Loved the description of the snake for this year - hadn't heard it put that way. Moving forward - that is what I need and want.
    As for magic - love is magic and so necessary.

  4. i LOVE C-girl's outfit...she looks like a princess...the polka-dot socks must be a maternal influence, yes? :)

    of course you know my feelings on magic and our solemn oath to keep it alive in the world...there's no greater gift we can give our little ones, i think.

    and the magic sings to me in the wild wind and in the sound of a pen scratching across the page and in the smearing of paint on canvas....

    naturally, i'm having an attack of foot-in-mouth...or would that be pen-in-mouth over the Amulet mag....*grin* oh, California, how you confound this northern girl...


  5. What a beautiful girl your daughter is!

    To bring more magic into my life I go into my big back yard and take off my shoes and socks, wriggling my feet into the dirt. it sounds silly, but it recharges me and allows me to 'dig in' :) xo

  6. oh yes, there are faries where I live too. You can't see them but sometimes you see the snow sparkle and that's them flitting around. Sometimes if you leave berries or little tiny cakes out for them they're gone in the morning, and we hope that by planting bluebells (have you looked at the seeds, totally magical) we will attract more faries to our garden.

  7. Just the other day, I had quite a long conversation with the ravens outside my door in the trees. And then the crows joined in (you do know they speak different languages, yes?) I often converse with the birds - and it is magical.

  8. every breath holds magic...i choose to look for it in the ordinary moments as often as i can. of course, living with two small pirates, magic is easy to come by around here.