Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It Figures

Cowgirl offering her sick mama some love ♥

The husband left on Saturday for a 5 day trip and I woke up that morning with the start of a cold. Had to take Cowgirl with me to Chinese class and to my yoga class which involved packing similar to a jungle expedition. We're talking organization skills up the wazoo and my brain was beginning a long, slow melt down. Then I lost my voice. For 3 days. Didn't faze Cowgirl in the least and she kept talking and asking questions and generally relishing the sound of her voice dominating every conversation. Oh, and the only conversations I have had for the past 5 days have been with her as I am sticking close to my bed and Moose is not much of a conversationalist.

And if all that doesn't warrant a pity party, let's add that I am on week 2 of Unravelling: Exploring the Senses and yes, this week is all about smell and the only thing I can smell right now is the Vick's vapor rub slathered onto my chest. Oh, and in the Creative Goddess course we are working with the energy of the throat chakra. Honest. Not that I have the energy to do anything except prop my novel upon my belly and read until I drift off into a NyQuil induced coma. (Can they make those measuring cups any harder to read? I mean, I'm already delirious with sinus congestion and then trying to read the dosage on the cups is insane.) Although rest is limited as I am driving Cowgirl into school, then picking her up; walking the dog; martial class to take her to; dinners to be made or purchased; and school lunches to be packed. All karmic payback for the holiday when my poor mother was sick in bed and we (my dad and brother and I) insisted she still make us the holiday meal. I am so sorry mom. I had no idea.

I do take it as a good sign that I am thinking about all the things I want to be doing ... pictures to take, art projects to start and finish. And there is the sobering thought that Halloween is only 10 days away and I still have to figure out Cowgirl's costume and she is insistent upon going out as Hong Kong Phooey. Really. We gotta get her working on her Scatman Crothers impersonation.

So until my senses return, here is some visual inspiration from my first week of exploring Sight. Focus was upon color and shapes and I really got into looking for hearts. It was great to get my eyes looking in a new way and my poor nose is eager for her chance. Sigh. Soon dear snoze, soon.

can you see my poor red snout?

Oh, and a little advice to anyone on decongestants: it is not a good idea to surf Etsy while under the influence. Let's just say, I'm not sure what will be arriving in the mail and there are several unfamiliar order confirmation emails in my inbox. Er, ahem, Paypal ... what is my limit?

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