Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A new day which finds our heroine trying to dig herself out

Another day spent waiting in an airport. But Logan International has bean bag chairs!

Too many adventures in the past week not worth retelling for the mere fact that this gal is weary and needing to turn her attention to more important things, like holiday baking, finishing (okay, starting) homemade gifts and enjoying all this snow!

My journey back East to move my mother was not without its humorous moments, like this lovely bathing cap I found stashed away in a drawer.

Never mind my mother hasn't been in any water other than the shower for 20 years, this baby was saved!

I returned home to find my Seasons Exchange package awaiting me. Such treasures! Beeswax ornaments and candle (smells so yummy), wet felt mat and an adorable wool baby in a walnut shell.

I was so excited to unwrap each item and I love the idea that another family was having fun making these gifts for us. I neglected to photograph my offerings but I hope to participate in this exchange again. It has made the holiday season come alive for me and kept me moving forward at times when I felt a bit overwhelmed by the details of my mother's move. Tomorrow we will be inundated by boxes (the mover arrives!) but I am vowing to keep my mind on what truly matters: this holiday season and the fact we will celebrate Christmas with my mother for the first time in decades.

So what I wish to give this holiday season to myself and to those around me is a space for quiet celebration. I want to remember it is the being together, the moments of laughter and love and sharing that are the true gifts of this season.

I wish to give all who come in contact with me the sense that I am present for them. And I wish to give this gift to myself, remembering to nurture my spirit by focusing upon the essentials and letting go of the worrying over details that in the end, do not matter. There will be a lot of clutter, for sure, but I hope I can focus my gaze upon what truly thrills my heart and speaks to my soul.


  1. There may be more hectic days, Lis, but you will have a season of lightness and joy because you're wishing for it in your heart.

    As Lis wishes for herself and her family, so I wish for all of them with peace and love.

  2. As Lis wishes for herself and her family, I also wish for them. This will be a Christmas season that you will never forget. It is wonderful that you can all be together for this holiday and that you recognize how important it is to cherish each moment. Have a wonderful fun filled time!

  3. LOVE the bathing cap, you should wear that any time you are feeling blue.
    As Lis wishes for her and her family, so I wish for them also, may it be.

  4. That is a great bathing cap! As Lis wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  5. What a lovely idea Seasons Exchange is! Is it only an American exchange or does it go world wide? I've just written my latest SARK course poem, I would really appreciate it if you took a look for me x
    Lots of love, Milena