Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Reflection (Week 4): Celebrating

How do you celebrate each day?

I admire those people who pause each morning before getting out of bed to visualize the day ahead flowing in a positive manner. It is like setting an intention for oneself before diving into the busyness of one's life. Me, I hit the snooze a couple of times and then realize I've done so and leap out of bed in a mini panic that I will be late. I've been on, and off, the mindful morning routine wagon with many bruises to show for my lapses. But I persist in climbing aboard again because I know from my experience the day does flow more smoothly when I start it out from a place of centeredness. I am just more calm and focused when I can take that time for myself.

I knew someone whose answering machine message would always end with the instruction to "Make it a good day!" There is an important shift in attitude when considering "having" a good day versus making it so. If there is one phrase that will probably arise in any therapy sessions Cowgirl is fated to undergo due to my parenting missteps, it will be how I insisted we "choose happy."

Right now I am getting myself out of bed for some predawn stretching and then a few minutes listening to inspirational meditations. I am taking time to write out my Radiant Goddess day plan - very simple things to set me off on the right track. And I am finding it really helps. A lot. I am more relaxed while waiting in the parking lot that is our interstate drive every snowy morning; I am finding reserves of energy and inspiration I haven't known for months. And I am feeling happier. Or rather, I am Being Happy.

But even when I slip off and tumble back down that hill, there are a few things I do every day that signify celebration and recognition of the gift that is each new day. These are my mini routines that I wasn't even aware of until considering this week's reflection. Each day I choose a different fragrance to wear from these amazing sets of 10 perfume samples. Each is yummy and I've caught myself pausing to consider "what kind of smell do I want today to be?" before selecting a bottle. I do something similar with my expanding collection of necklaces.

More recently, I have made it a habit to pause while walking the dog to place my hands upon Mother Earth. Yes, we have a lot of snow here - but I look for bare patch of grass and I bend over, take off my mittens and place my palms gently upon the frozen grass. And then I breathe. And breathe. And breathe. I feel more aligned, more connected to this corner of the world I call home and have noticed my senses are more alert. Yesterday I had my i pod on and still I heard the song of a cardinal in a nearby tree top. That fellow was rockin' it and I savored every delicious "hints of Spring to come" moment of it.

I hope to add to my repertoire of daily awarenesses or rituals, but in the meanwhile these few help put me in the mind frame to relish and celebrate my day no matter what may come my way. At the very least, I am smelling pretty.

So how about you? How do you or how can you celebrate this day?

heart necklace by Bellawish


  1. Your necklace collection is gorgeous.. and I love the thought of your coldish hand meeting the coldish earth and breathing. So lovely.

    (and hearing the cardinal while breathing is so aligned to the stuff I do it made me smile.)

    Looking forward, as always, to your next post.

  2. I love your idea of adding to my list of daily awareness. This is something I have just begun and it does make a difference in how I view each day. I enjoyed reading your post so much.
    Thank you.

  3. I absolutely love your blog! I'll be adding you to my list of daily visits. I started to take a meditation class a few months ago. Of course, given my ADD nature, I don't do it every day like I should. But I do agree that it is important to take a few minutes each day to get centered, reflect and give gratitude. Usually I do this at the end of the day. I like the idea of doing this in the morning though and possibly shaping the day ahead. Also in our house, we are forever telling my son that he has a choice to be happy. As for 52 Projects, PLEASE do jump right in. I hope you will because it's so much fun to share and get motivated by others at the same time. Happy Wednesday and I hope to see you on Sunday :))