Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring days (Best Shot Monday)

I needed one of those days that just unfolds ...

without much planning and with little fuss ...
open to receiving the quiet gifts that each moment offers ...
experienced outside of time ...
the whole day whispering "listen ..."
and me pausing long enough to hear.

A visual record of a Perfect Day:

Started off with early morning walk while the neighborhood was quiet:

except for the birds who provided a lovely soundtrack:

back home, a hot cup of good, strong coffee:

and I was ready for the day. Throwing the usual plans out the window, Cowgirl and I packed our backpacks with snacks, water, pads and pencils and headed off to the botanical garden. Paying little attention to time, we walked, told stories, discovered tiny miracles and took loads of pictures. The shot I do not have is of us sitting on the ground, my camera strap around both our necks and me holding the camera while she had her turn taking pictures. Oh, she is ready for her own camera!

some of the loveliness we saw:

after much strolling and picture taking, we found a shady spot to rest and eat our snacks:

Tired but contended, we made our way back to the car.

it was, to borrow a favorite line of poetry,

"... a day from a book, steeped in its own warm juice,

heavy with the smells of growing ..."

(Alastair Reid, Weathering: Poems & Translations)

How would your perfect day unfold?


  1. What a lovely day! Oh to have back the time when my children and I could explore a day andjust be together! At least there are memories of such days.
    Wonderful photos of your day as well!

  2. Oh my gosh, your photos are amazing!

  3. Hooray for perfect days! And gorgeous photos, wow.

  4. oh what a day of full of lovely. I am so glad you captured it and shared it with us! you have a beautiful life.

  5. Lis-I LOVE the story of these photos-the shadows holding hand, the lotus (?) pond, the pic of two pairs of legs on the bench...LOVE LOVE LOVE these. What a perfect day and all told in pictures:) I also love that quote-it is so delicious and sweet the way it rolls off my tongue straight to my heart. I have to write that one down for myself. Thanks for sharing and so sorry your long comment got lost in cyberspace-it is still much appreciated though:)Aaah yes, to find that balance...most difficult!

  6. ohhhh... so beautiful. Love love love each photo, each word... and I am grateful we don't have that intimate photo of shared camera-time, I am a bit wistful, too.

    (Bet it would make a great poem - hint hint hint!)

  7. Gorgeous photos. Love your blog so much eye candy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting the kind comments.

  8. lovely day! Documented perfectly! xo

  9. Beautiful photos of a lovely day, Lis. If I were going to pick favourites I would have to say the bird, the tulips, the two of you on the bench together and your holding hands shadow. What a beautiful journal of your perfect day!

  10. This is simply stunning! Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful day. The photos tell only part of the story, I'm sure, but your words convey a meaning that gives me a nice deep breath right now.

  11. if i had a car it would be just what you did, i have been wanting to go up to a garden near our house. your photos are just beautiful and perfect!