Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Inspiration Celebration: quiet

Hard to imagine, but I am feeling very quiet these days. Not that a lot isn't happening ... it just is all internal and the words have yet to reach the surface. I am not at the surface; Deep is requiring me to spiral further and further inward and right now and I am not prepared to surface. What I am doing is listening, journaling, painting and listening some more.

What is sustaining me these days:

My commitment to the 21 days of Yoga challenge by Yoga Journal and an amazing 10 minute meditation by my teacher, Sudhir Jonathan Foust. I'm not sure if this link will work, but if the page opens, select the audio file Energy Awareness Meditation. Each time I do this practice, I am blown away by the depth of awareness and feeling it allows me to tap into.

I love this link Connie shared with us about tuning into our natural rhythms - something I all too often forget to honor. Now I am.

It has been a long weekend of play, time with family, and time to do what we love: create.

It is not a winter of discontent (although the cold and gray are getting tedious) but a season requiring my full presence and patience. Something is taking root and I need to slow down and allow it time to strengthen and grow.

What lesson does this winter hold for you?

I am also clinging tightly to this realization (I mean, it's on a card!)

See that? Artist. That's me. Now, excuse while I get back to my paints ...


  1. Lis, this post saved me tonight! Thank you, thank you, thank you:)

  2. And me... I am feeling the SAME way.. love to you
    see it here:


  3. Karen, I am feeling exactly the same.

    Cheers to you, lovely deep artiste.

  4. yup....count me in. it's a wild ride, isn't it?

    love to artist sistah!


  5. Hello fellow artist! Another wonderful post...your celebration of quiet and going inward is so beautifully expressed. Wonderful processing and color on your first photo. Have a productive week! XOXO Gina

  6. Dear Lis...I love the quality of your photos...they give me the sense of...your is. I also love that you are honoring the stillness, the going deep within, the quiet, the hibernation that is required when you are cooking up great stuff!! There are huge magical things happening to your words and art and photos...
    Really love the previous post as well (My camera is my guide)...I totally agree with all of what you said...the sacred quality of recording ourSELVES and our loved ones. I have been inspired by your self portrait project (you told me about it last year)...have been recording those parts of mySELF...thank you...for sharing yourSELF! xxx

  7. Wonderful links - thank you. looking forward to your glorious re-emergence :) x

  8. I know these feelings, exactly. Oh, how I know these feelings, exactly. So much love to you.

  9. ah, yes. i always feel as though i should be starting the new year like a race horse...when, in reality, i need lots of quiet, open space, and a bit of darkness.

    "Something is taking root and I need to slow down and allow it time to strengthen and grow."

    absolutely! may amazing beauty and strength find you ~

  10. You are, indeed, an artist! And a beloved one at that! <3