Friday, April 13, 2012

some days (and Eggy memories)

Oh Friday! I had such aspirations for you - a day busy with relaxing! Some yoga, a little meditation, painting, time outdoors to sit and gather navel and brain lint. Alas, it was not to be.

As U2 so aptly put it: some days take less but most days take more, some slip through your fingers and onto the floor.

Heading out for what was to be a quick oil change and then jaunt to the grocery store, I was stalled for three hours waiting for my car which meant dashing home, no lunch, walking the dog and then zipping over to the school to pick Cowgirl up. And it got worse.

Yes, on Friday the thirteenth I took on the most dreaded of all errands: grocery shopping with a young child in tow. A hungry, end-of-the-first-week-back-to- school- after-break child.

And the dollop of whip cream on top of that: said child and mother both tired and cranky after a night of thunderstorms which involved multiple waking ups to cries, claps of thunder, pinched shoulders, boney limbs thrashing, hot bodies squeezing in upon me, returning child to her bed only to have the entire scenario repeated hours later.

All of which means I went grocery shopping, dropped some serious cash and came home with nothing to eat. What we do have: pretzel bread, cinnamon toast crunch cereal (purchased for the Star Wars pen inside; Cowgirl will eat one bite and say she's finished which means daddy gets the entire sugary box), a HotWheels car (I'll pay you back when we get home mommy - promise!), fudgesicles, an apple pie (I thought I was grabbing black cherry), watermelon and a surplus of spinach and spring mix salad greens.

I forgot to buy the wine I very much want to be drinking right now.

So here I sit ... a Friday night and we've been to martial arts class, walked the dog (again) and Cowgirl is almost almost in bed. For a few hours before the next wave of storms is set to move in.

Good riddance to you Friday. I am ready to try again tomorrow ... except tornadoes are in the forecast and now I really wish I had that bottle of wine.

Here are some recent memories of better days.

Do note: our children do not need parents to help them score some major Easter Egg booty.

The moral of this whole story (because I want to find meaning in this otherwise squandered day): some days you find your eggs are rotten but other days they may be marvelously multicolored or even - gasp - chocolate!


  1. LOLz!! (here, have some wine)

    that has to be the longest oil change in history...i'm a little disappointed that you don't have an inspiring journal page to show know, that you whipped up from your portable arting kit while you were waiting....:D

    did i say that out loud?

    i had the best Friday the 13th ever....'cos i got something in the post that made me smile and cry and feel all warm and fuzzy. (thank you...more than i can say)

    scribed missive to be winging your way by Monday....and that's only because the posties are slackers here and don't work weekends....

    tornadoes?!?! egads!!

    anchor yourselves well...

    much love..xoxoxoxo

  2. Beautiful post . . . love the pics of your precious girl . . . she was going for it. Your words are beautiful and I love keeping up with what is happening in your world! You are right, sometimes there are spoiled eggs, but oh the hidden chocolate ones are the best!!! You inspire me all the time, have a great weekend

  3. Oh Lis! How terribly funny! And unfortunate about forgetting the wine! Sounds like a classic Friday the 13th. I, too, had a car service fiasco. Immediate future repairs (on my 11 year old car) to total $2000 (plus tax) on top of the $400 regular service call. Groan and yikes. But I haven't had to put out much over the years (not to speak of gas prices), it having been a dependable source of transportation since I bought it second hand in 2004. But I will say that I feel all of your pain. Pass the chocolate and, if you are out, I still have plenty and so I will pas it to you.


  4. loved this post
    for so many reasons
    the only sad part was when you forgot the wine : (

    life is beautiful
    love and light

  5. ah the wine. i hate that!
    wish i could relate to your day. ha. cuz you know i've NEVER had a day like that. ha again.
    may little fairies sprinkle wine drops your way. and fairer weather.
    i do truly believe 13 is a lucky number. but the odds were stacked up against me too.
    vive le weekend!

  6. I've been reading about those storms and hoping you and yours are safe!

  7. This post made me laugh out loud!! Hope you got your wine, some sleep, and some quiet time :)

  8. Tornadoes???? forget the wine and go straight to GIN!