Saturday, December 22, 2012

'tis the season (my holiday balancing act)


I obviously must enjoy challenge and pressure because this is how I craft the final weeks and days leading up to Christmas.  Two days, three nights to go and I have a knitting project I'll be casting on after supper later tonight.  Under normal conditions it is a 4 night project, but factoring in afternoon time tomorrow and Christmas Eve and I'm confident I'll be sipping spiked hot cocoa and laughing mirthfully at the folly of last minute mall shoppers.

Of course I still have holiday cards to finish writing.  Ah, but in my wisdom I've learned to make them seasonal and consider New Years as the true cut off date, buying me another week and some change to go!

What I didn't factor in was 1) coming down with a nasty sinus infection that had me working from my bed, a Celtic Frida Kahlo if you will, and 2) a blizzard and 10 hours without power.  

I may harbor fantasies of Little House in the Prairie, but I humbly admit I would have either succumbed to the elements, illness or madness the first long winter.  Bundled in every woolen item I've ever knitted, I was still a icy wreck.  Even the dog shivered under his Woolrich hunter's plaid dog jacket and blanket.  The highlight of the adventure was hot tea and ramen noodles for breakfast.  The girl was happy as noodles are one of her favorite breakfast items!

But my one superhero power is my ability to complete a task under the most trying of circumstances and so, while huddled another another blanket in the quiet and the cold,  I finished knitting a shawl which I promptly wrapped about my already knit-bulky person.  And then the power came back on!

Cowgirl and I sang a song of thanks to the power people (working in frigid temperatures with howling winds, I do not begrudge them their pay increase that is bundled in our rate hike) and we tossed in for good measure thanks to baby Jesus and "whose his mommy?" Mary and Ganesha (when hovering close to extinction, you want to cover all deities) and Moon Goddess.  

Then we warmed up and head out into the snow.  




This is our holiday madness.  May your world be merry and bright.  May you and your loved ones enjoy this time together, celebrating the miracles that come your way each and every day.   

May you not only survive the holiday season, but find within the tumbled chaos and merry making time to savor those things that bring you true joy. And may that joy inspire all around you to share the love and warmth of their own hearts, their own shining if sometimes snow covered selves.

Warmest of holiday wishes,
xo Lis, Cowgirl, & Moose


  1. Oh Lis! I love all of this! Amazing photography (as always) - sorry you were without power for so long - it is always a worry as you never know if it is going to last for hours or days and the longer it does last, the more hope tends to wane (can you tell I live in a similar climate?!) Wishing you much merry holidays too and looking forward to a very juicy year ahead.

  2. Lis - Your words and photos fill my heart with light - It's so difficult being without power - post Sandy I've been thankful everyday for how 'easy' our lives are with this un-seen necessity/luxury. So much love to you and your sweet ones - Happy Holidays and 2013 is going to be fabulous! :) xoxo

  3. *sigh*

    i hear you...i woke up yesterday morning to a FREEZING cold house...we'd run out of propane. Whose job is it to keep track of that!? Anyway. Thanks were sung to the propane-delivery gods who apparently never close...and we were warming up again fairly soonishly. Still, 'twas an opportunity to express gratitude for HAVING heat, knowing full well there are others who do not...for whatever reason.

    i feel woefully uncrafty this year...but not adding to my already-full-platter this year was a tremendous gift to myself...inspired by a Very Clever Person who has taught me Useful Strategies of self-care ;)...and i shall look forward to knitting and painting my way through the long, cold winter that yet yawns ahead....

    be well....those photos are absolutely STUNNING....

    much, much love to you and yours...xoxoxo

  4. Beautiful photos and words, as always! Happy Holidays! xo

  5. WONDERFUL photos!! Looks like a whole lot of shivery magical fun :)
    Thinking of you-