Wednesday, April 24, 2013

free fallin'

The leap has been made ...

and I'm trusting there will either be a net or soft ground to catch me ...



New beginning (beginning yet again) and allowing the wings of Santosha (contentment; embracing life as is) and Surrender (bowing to life) to carry me to deeper into new territory ...

All of which is to say: I am choosing to live MY life and I accept full responsibility for my choices, for that duty.


Now, the real fun (and play) begins!


Translation: On Monday I gave my 2 weeks notice to my job.  After 13 years (egads - that's the span of a child moving from Kindergarten through high school -  how did that happen?) it was well past time to move on. And moving, I am!



  1. Two weeks?!!! Of course I know you are going soon to visit a special down under friend and kindred soul - how did this month get away from me? Oh, Lis, I am so incredibly, indescribably happy for you and your leap. I know mine is not too much farther behind yours. So much of my groundwork is done and one day soon....

  2. Yay! Congratulations for taking the leap! I'm very happy for you, and excited to see what lies over the horizon!

  3. WOOOT! so freakin' delighted, overjoyed, inspired...etc.

    i left you a comment on your last post but evidently it has disappeared into the ether...i think perhaps your blog does not like my silly pink phone..

    you are a trailblazer....i'm about three or so strides behind you, but i'm a-comin'...

    ah, if you could see me grinning..

    BIG love...xoxo

  4. woohoo!
    wishing you softness as you land. i know there are good things in store for you and your big, beautiful heart.

  5. way to go, Lis! It will be so exciting to see what unfolds and blooms.

  6. congrats on moving on! i'm so excited for you. i'm sure you'll find a nice, cozy spot to land! :)

  7. yes yes yes
    this is amazing Liz
    I recently did this as well
    leaving a 25 year career and closing my own very successful studio of 12 years...shut it down and retired the first three months, life was so busy I really did not sink into the reality of it, but this past month WOW it has been the biggest blessing...I created space for my passion to grow
    I had and still have so many people ask me what I do with my time first it kinda rubbed me the wrong way like I had to prove that I was still BUSY which seems so important in this world, but I soon got used to the question and found my reply. I did not take anything new on, I just allowed more space for those things of my heart...from taking care of my family, to creating and following my heart passions....some understand, others do not either way it matters not. I remind myself that truly the only other person I have to "answer to" beside myself is my husband who is completely behind this change...
    I know you will see big changes with in your spirit and what an amazing example you are giving your daughter...such courage is a great gift
    love and light to you on this your amazing new journey

  8. enjoy every bit of this new shift, new reality, and new journey -- and make it twist your path just a bit to point you into a direction to embrace your heart. in bocca al lupo!! xx