Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Last day of my job, packing for a trip ... life upside, topsy turvy and I am just hanging on! I am in a disembodied state - not unpleasant, but wondering what is holding me together now that I've stepped out of the cage?

 Soaking up every last hug, kiss, cuddle and snuggle I can squeeze in.  


 As excited as I am to go on my walk-about, I always find leaving home a visceral experience - as if the strings of my heart know they will be stretched very far. Already my system is preparing the intense cold turkey that a week away from my girl will bring.  We've never been apart that long.  I know it will be good for us, but ...

When next you see me, I may be a hobbit or elf or - god forbid! - a dwarf.  The orcs I know I am leaving behind.

A bientot mes amies!  xo

this past month it's all I could do to grab the polaroid camera, sit on the front stoop and take a quick picture.  But I like this idea of a series of seemingly similar images ... and yet, not so similar ...


  1. ooooooh!!!! happy trails, my dearest love! i am SO excited for you...for the last day, for the walkabout, for all of the beautiful possibilities that are percolating merrily away.


    how far we've come, my dear...how far yet to travel...

    *glances wistfully out window*

    safe journeying, my friend...see you on the other side of magic.


  2. seriously? my word verification for that last comment was:

    reinforced thatdeep.

    i kid you not.

    you can't make this stuff up.



  3. Sounds like the makings of an amazing new journey:)

  4. I love the pictures and its so cute especially the second picture with a dog.