Friday, July 12, 2013

quiet times?

My summer days just keep on rolling.  The husband will be out of town for work, so needed was a lesson in running the riding lawn mower.  Alas, no photos of what was akin to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (and probably more appropriate for America's Funniest Home Videos - did you know you can make a riding mower buck like a bronco?  Well, I did!)

Then there was my day as a chaperone for Cowgirl's play date with her BFF, who happens to be a boy and sadly is moving out of state come next week.  So it was their last day together and we did it in style, beginning with fine dining at Taco Bell. (It is a real challenge to eat one's burrito and not be listening to the conversation which was baffling anyway - something about Mind Craft?  Diamond armor being harder than gold but not as strong as obsidian - duh! Any reaction on my part elicited fury from Cowgirl "Mommmmm!  Stop listening!) Palate cleanser of some Wii Mario Cart, followed bya movie and then (yes, more!) the Aquatic center.  I let two 8-year-olds pressure me into the platform waterslide.  Oh yeah, this 50-year-old screamed her entire way down (no surprise to you, eh Diana?)  but at least I kept my legs together and didn't go bottom up, especially since my swimsuit wedged all up around - or is that in? - my bum. (But I went three times and only screamed twice.  I let Cowgirl know I was very proud of myself.)

No photos of that event either. 

But amid the craziness I am snatching bits of quiet time for myself.  It has been an unusually mild summer here, so whenever I can I head outside with my notebooks and pencils and paints which is my way of meditating these days.

Amazing what we discover when we give ourselves time to look and see and receive.


My yoga teacher once said "A little bit of practice is freedom from fear."  My practice is to show up on a daily basis for my life.  I also read  - in some magazine at the dentist's office which is proof wisdom can be found anywhere, anytime - that we tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in a day and underestimate the results  of small actions performed regularly.

So I am practicing regularly in whatever form practice chooses to assume each day and trusting those efforts will meld together some kind of wonderful and certainly crazy colorful result.  

Or a manifestation of magical crop circles/ley lines in my yard, reminding me that I am always in exactly my right place for growth and discovery.  Time to paint ...

How is your summer rolling?


  1. Lis, I had to learn how to drive the tractor this summer too. It was fun when I got the hang of it. My summer started with planting trees, lots of them. Then it was grooming, seeding, mowing lawns. The work is never-ending, but I got my quilting studio finally set up and I get an hour or so a day to play/create in there. We've had TONS AND TONS of rain, but when the sun comes out, from time to time, we have done the picnic thing and now with our new boat, we are island hopping. Yes, I so totally love summer. I don't want to think about the fact it's almost half gone already! Enjoy your time with Cowgirl.

  2. In the two cases above, no picture is best. I enjoy coming up with my own image of you on the riding mower and, of course, I've seen you come barreling down a water slide :) Can't wait for another playdate with you at Chinese camp!