Friday, August 9, 2013

✸ August Break ✸

All in a week ...

driving through Nebraska

driving in eastern Colorado

a face to face meeting with a very regal turkey vulture 

and more unexpected encounters


girl time

 enjoying the riches of summer 

resting and refreshing ourselves whenever we can

What does summer look like for you?



  1. Oh how I love your photos!! I have been such a horrible blog friend lately. To everyone. I just told Mel I am in such a muddy inertia. Alas. You always inspire me to keep moving through. To breathe. To see the beauty in the everyday. Coming home beginning of September. Let's walk the labyrinth!
    Happy Back to School time :)
    Love&Bright beautiful light,

  2. your summer is looking pretty great :)
    love you and the t-rex mural ;)