Saturday, December 14, 2013

kick starting my mojo

Because I am so cheap (mindful of my money?) ... I hauled booty working on a Shutterfly photo book in order to use a coupon that was expiring soon.

Because I take a few way too many photographs, it is no small feat to shift through my backup drive, opening folder upon folder to re-discover pictures I don't remember taking, but instantly decide that one and that one ... and that one! are all photo book worthy.

Because it is such a laborious task and my memory isn't quite up to snuff, I put off creating a yearly family album.  Which means the photo book I busted said hump over chronicles 2011 (but I finished it in time to receive half off discount and a coupon - score!) and if memory serves me, we are in um ... 2013? So only two years to go if I keep on rolling ... but as I am discount motivated, I need another coupon ...

Here's the pearl in this oyster: first is the pleasant surprise of reviewing a large body of work and discovering I have taken some mighty fine photos. (Helps to have a trained, willing, and photogenic subject.  And Cowgirl is a good model in a pinch.)

vintage Moose, 2011

But another benefit is remembering just how crafty I can be and how colorful my world was back in 2011.  Which motivates me to flex my artsy muscles a bit more in the coming season. 

it just isn't the holidays if I'm not knitting with a deadline!

Then there are people like Mel who get my creative mojo revving through their wildly imaginative projects (if you are needing that perfect gift, look no further!), never mind the daily bread crumb droppings.  Only a dear friend such a Mel could lure me into another ning-hosted arty site but heaven help me, it has been the magic ingredient missing from my creativity brew and yes, my mojo is now humming along.

And it has been effortless (and it's free!) ... the bit of play I've needed to keep me sane and smiling in this season of endless Christmas music. 

Off to do my daily doodle whilst sipping cider and exorcizing Wham!'s Last Christmas from my brain.

Happy days my friends.  Happy days!


  1. It's wonderful to look back and find inspiration once again. I was reviewing 2103 posts in my blog. So many forest walks and pictures that I need to back into walking and observing again. Enjoy your happy days! xo

  2. This is what I needed to read today <3