Wednesday, February 26, 2014

everyday marvels

I do love surprises and this humble onion reminds me that often the most thrilling things are the quiet ones happening right under my nose ...

a perfect little pig's tail on my onion!

Even thought I think I am paying close attention, change is happening every day and right under my nose.  But when I can soften my gaze, suspend time and look with all my senses and my heart, I able to perceive the miracles right before me.

When once there was a stool, now there is a girl child managing through her own muscle and determination to claim her place. Right now it is in the kitchen but soon  - oh far too soon! -  within the world. 

And as we move into conversations addressing multi-generational healing in the current session of SouLodge,  I see the ways we are changing the experience - narrative -  of family in our world. 

What so easily could be mistaken for everyday is really the material of my life's blessings and periodically I remember to count them:

Enjoying time together -  learning or creating or exploring or seeking to discover the perfect pizza dough recipe.



The gestures, the details that constitute the person  ... or the animal

Mealtimes together ... in conversation ... sharing, laughing, teasing and yes,annoying each other but always knowing we are a tight unit.

Discovering that love brings us together in more ways than our minds could ever begin to imagine (but how our hearts so readily expand to hold)

What everyday miracles and marvels are you noticing right now?  The best gift you can give your self is to pause, lift up your gaze (being by a window and looking out helps), soften your eyes, relax and sink into the moment.  Look, feel, remember, breathe, receive the gifts that dance all around you.  And then share them with another.  Let's fill our world with these miracles.


  1. Loving your observations - that piggy tail. Taking the time to notice and remind oneself. I am always caught by the little wag of the tip of Abbie's tail. The way the sunlight falls through the trees, there are different patterns each season. That warming of the earth smell that grabbed me last week and shook my heart (one of my absolute favorite smells) - still too soon though. :) xoxo

  2. it has been quite the session in SL
    love the miracles of lie that are always going on....Spirit is always at work regardless of that
    blessings sister
    love and light

  3. Oh beautiful photos, and oh please sent me some bread? ;-) Lovely!

  4. That pigtail made me giggle with delight, as did that lovely photo of your girl using her muscles to get where only a stool might have done a few months ago. Beautiful 'here now'.