Friday, July 11, 2014

my muses

Her name is Pebbles ...

She has found her home but more importantly, she has completed the sense of home for her people.  This is the gift our animal companions so generously offer us: a safe and eager and accepting place to stow the contents of our hearts. They willingly take what we offer without passing judgement, not enough or too much or too trivial is not in their vocabulary.

These four-legged seraph have been wiggling their way into my life since I was a child: the one year I remember visiting Santa, I asked for a puppy and that great old elf delivered!  Wet noses and wagging tails have been appearing in my home but also in my dreams, journeys and naturally, in my  paintings.

Pebbles, it is time for your close-up!

Other muses that recently have captured my attention  ... all dear fairy helpers to their humans, my friends ...


I like to think of myself as the Alice Neel of the canine set ...  with an unacknowledged preference for black and white dogs? 

My muse awaits me ...  resting comfortably by my feet but always on the ready to serve up his specialty: unabashed and always enthusiastic love. 



  1. Such wonderful furry, happy companions these pups. I certainly have no idea what I would do without mine, she keeps me honest, present and enthusiastic. Happy Friday! xoxo