Friday, October 10, 2014

the beauty of releasing

'Tis the season ...

Noticing the beauty in that which has moved through a full course from seed, seedling, bud, and blossom ... now arcing gracefully back towards where it began ... the slow and steady swoon towards earth, towards the unknown.

May I remember the beauty of acceptance, of flowing with what is and honoring my own rhythms, changes and transformations.  May I learn to let go like the marigold, the rose, letting fall what is ready to be released. 

I came to the garden just in time to enter the age of undoing. Surprisingly, it’s the age where the most amazing transformations take place. Every single leaf drops every single year from a sycamore, and it is the end of nothing. I came to the garden and found the shortest course to strength and freedom. I learned that all my faith lies in the path of least resistance—in the humble power and aching grace of letting go.
(Karen Maezen Miller, Paradise In Plain Sight

{Inspired by Maya's Monday Mandala practice}


  1. le sigh.

    it's a marvel, isn't it? so perfectly designed and utterly reliable.

    that's a moving statue if ever there was one....;)


  2. Absolutely perfect in it's impermanence. xoxo