Friday, November 7, 2014

THE practice ... (finally, Friday)

Each month, I try to align myself with the cycles of the moon ... setting an intention for the coming month during the darkness of the new moon and then observing how the moon's passage to fullness amplifies or alters what it is I am needing to bring into my life.

This month, the lesson is pretty clear ... my mother passed away two days before the new moon (with its eclipse) ... so in this cycle, what each day demands of me is nothing short of complete and utter ...

Honoring the darkness ... which will, in time , allow me to appreciate and  celebrate the light.

 Happy Full Freeze, Beaver or Snake Moon.  Time to burrow underground and prepare.


  1. Oh Lisa. I love you. Offering you a blanket if Bear to snuggle up in as you go deep into your dark. YOU are the light and the lantern that allows you to see your way through. Xoxo

  2. Time to go deep, it has called and you have answered. Look up, the light is always there, shining from the top of your head. xo

  3. Blessings on your journey inward. xoxo

  4. much love to you, Miz Lisa.....i've been terribly absentee in my interwebby worlds this past week or so....but you are always in my thoughts..especially when i'm burrowing under myself.

    "surrender" -- a timely message for me...thank youm dearest of hearts. xoxoxoxoxoox

  5. Lovely message, beautiful one. Safe passage into the darkness, your light will continue to burn. May you find warmth, solace and blessings. xoxo