Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine (finally, friday ...)

I love the simple rituals ...

celebrating friendship, celebrating creativity ...

celebrating love in all the ways we experience it (dragons & paint of course!)

Happy Valentine's Day! It's going to be a busy weekend as Cowgirl tests for her Black Belt in martial arts on Saturday.  She's calm but this mama?  Thank goodness for the massive infusion of chocolate!  It's a whirlwind end to the year of the horse. I hope the year of the sheep - which trots in on February 19 - means slower pace, time to linger in the grass and bleating ...

Sheep year is time to heal after the chaos of 2014's Horse year. What is of value now is intimacy, family and close friendships. We can be more caring, kind and sensitive with each other. Develop a gentle heart, open to love and acceptance on all levels. Another theme of Sheep year is to express your creative side. Now is the time for art, creativity and cultivation of beauty. If you ever wanted to explore your creative side, this is your year. Do not give up, be pessimistic or become discouraged because Sheep can only move forward! This animal is unable to move backwards or sideways.

xo Lisa, Cowgirl & Moose


  1. Really? Sheep can only move forward?! Love that because I need to do more of that. The moving forward. And the creativity. I am not perfectly showing up every day, but I am showing up quite regulary with my sketch book. And every day looking at the affirmation I put over my desk from your sketching love class, "my intention for this sketching class is to keep coming back to center through drawing". It has been a slog, with lots of tree trunks to climb up over my way, but I am finally "getting" it.

  2. Beautiful valentines! I have been looking forward to this new year. I am a Sheep and know that being back in my sign is going to expand my self in new ways, letting go of old. Can't wait!! xo

  3. oh...i do believe that the Sheep and i are going to get along famously.....

    i love that you paint your own Valentines. not being a fan of the occasion myself, i nevertheless find it very lovely to see people embracing the spirit of love in a genuine way...