Friday, May 22, 2015

sacred shit ... (finally, friday)

I kid not ... it had been one of those weeks (that was quickly turning into two weeks and showed no signs of losing steam

let's see ... I hurt my back, then I was sick with my first cold in years, then we discovered a leak in our dishwasher that turned out to have deposited water under the adjacent cabinets which wicked up the moisture and began to rot and mold(!) and sun apparently went on a walk-about leaving us with cold, rainy, damp days (and days ... and days ...)

The going was rough my friends, and the only option left to me that held any crumbs of hope ...

the horses ... or more precisely, the therapeutic work that is cleaning stalls a.k.a., shoveling shit. (actually, the poop isn't so odious, it it uncovering and drying out the noxious pee spots ... some of these horses excel in hiding dribbles and puddles under seemingly pristine bedding. But I am a master pee dowser!

This place has been my salvation. Just one morning (and many, many many buckets of sacred poop later) and I not only feel Spring returning to my weary soul, but signs abound that indeed, vitality and hope are in my cards and in my future.


I am a believer once again. Oh, there was a moment I had my car keys in my hand, wild-eyed and frantic to escape (and I still might, renovations on the kitchen have not yet begun)  but the heaping dose of sunshine and horse love are enough to keep me going. For the time being. Fortunately, I can always run to the barn when things get rough and know there are friendly faces waiting for me. And stalls to muck. Always, stalls to muck! 


  1. hmm...let's see....i had my first job mucking stalls when i was if there is a sacredness to the shoveling...then i think i'm pretty much the Pope by now. :)

    seriously though -- so now you know why i work for a pittance....because the pittance is only on a monetary scale.

    that really bites about the leaky dishwasher. i think water damage has to be one of the most disheartening things of's just so invasive.

    gorgeous pics of the birds!! wowzers!!

    *clinks pitchfork*


    1. Thank you my friend ... I knew you would understand the sacredness of horse shit! And truly, I was pretty much rock bottom at the beginning of the week and some force greater than me compelled me to don my boots and jeans and head over. It turned my heart around and put me back on course. Yeah, the wet and grey and mold almost ALMOST won ... my prize possession are my leather gloves the ladies told me to keep "as mine" for when I show up to shovel. A badge of honor. And so I plod on. Return to simplicity ... and yeah, the whole money thing is sooo overrated! ;) xo

  2. Equine love! There is something so gentle, yet strong about horses that speaks the pit of our being. There is definitely craziness abound...I was lucky to have this past week off from work to get away from the bulk of it. Self-care and taking a logical approach to ready myself for the return on Wednesday. Deep breaths to you, keep finding those little moments of happiness and sanity. xoxo

  3. love and light my lovely