Sunday, July 12, 2015

friendship *

While I tend to be a bit of a hermit, this summer has reminded me how vital and necessary it is to spend quality time with friends.

Friends who have known you for so long, you cannot remember your life without them in it.

Friends with whom you are totally at ease, who encourage you to embrace your wildness.

Friends who inspire you to expand your boundaries, to experiment and play.

Friends who look after you, who always know exactly what would make the moment even sweeter.

Friends who drop everything, making time to see you.

Friends of yours who meet for the first time and immediately expand the circle of friendship.


Friends who never fail to astonish you with the beauty of their spirit, their souls.

This summer I've been on a friendship binge, as if I've been starved for too long. I think it is the effect of mourning, a descent into grief that has been solitary and private but now as I emerge from the cocoon of loss, I find myself racing towards the light of a familiar face, the sunshine of good and loving company.

In friendship I find myself rejuvenated and healed. Ready for the coming adventures.

It's been a good summer, wouldn't you agree?



  1. What a lovely post. Connection, yes, so vital to moving from grief and for just living day to day. xox

  2. What a wonderful definition of friendship. Such lovely photos as well. Have a fantastic summer full of friend adventures.

  3. I too felt this- the importance of a tribe....

  4. I love these photos - especially the beach ones! I can't believe how grown up your girl is! These are sweet days, indeed :) Happy summer to you!

  5. it looks like a very good summer indeed! what glorious pictures of you many beautiful memories made. *sigh* such good stuff. xoxo