Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Magic

Each year seems fuller and busier. My thoughts are all jumbled up with schedules and lists and summer plans ... so each day I try to spend some time being quiet, noticing and giving thanks for all the abundance that is Life.

look carefully ... she is on top of her babies, nursing ...

It's not even summer yet, but we are easing into the summertime pace!  My new "to-do" list reads: books, paint, horses, play. repeat.  Back to it! I promise to return with stories to share, tales to tell. xo


  1. Such wonderful magic of spring. You have captured it brilliantly! All of that great outdoor time :). xoxo

  2. That rabbit on top of her babies warmed my heart!

  3. oh look at all the absolute magic that you are a part of!!!! I love it...and love you dear Lisa
    stay cool, my love slut sista

    love and light and adventure