Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Inspiration Celebration: one burnt pumpkin

Okay, I will confess: Halloween kicked my booty! Maybe it is the fact I am officially one year older now (I turned 8; in our house we go by "fairy years" - kinda like dog years except you have to add a few decades onto your "number" as Cowgirl refers to it) or maybe it was the nonstop party action that began with cupcakes for lunch on my day, then 2 parties the next day for Cowgirl and another on Halloween and then trick or treating. Phew! My brain and feet hurt just remembering it all.

But amidst the sugar-frenzy of the weekend, there were some non-sucrose moments of pure inspiration and beauty. Behold the latest experiments with my chocolate and vanilla polaroid camera and the Silver Shade PX-100 film:

Maybe it is the novelty of it, but I am loving the dreamlike quality to these image. And speaking of dreams ... yes, lame attempt at a segue ... I think my sugar levels are dropping ... I had an art-filled birthday this year. First, my dear friend Diana (who knows me so well!) sent me two prints by Sarah Ahearn and as I have one print purchased at Squam, I now have a lovely array of images for a stunning wall grouping. I have the frames, I just need to hang everything. Unlike Diana - who is such a mom in that she pays attention and gives the kind of gifts you love but never would have thought to ask for - I tell my husband exactly what I want him to get me. Behold:

"moon & moth"

A Sarah Ahearn original! It is the most amazing piece ... tiny fragments of collage materials, colored pencil and paint are carefully layered and arranged to create a stunning piece. It blows my mind to examine it and see how much is packed into 4 inches by 4 inches. Like seeing a reflection in a dew drop - a whole world captured in a tiny frame. Sarah's style and technique have totally inspired me as I see strands of my interests slowing twining together into what I hope will be my own creative voice.

friends, it doesn't get any better than this! what a treat to open up this package ♥

One tradition I follow on my birthday is to give myself a present. I'd like to believe I am teaching Cowgirl about self sufficiency :) This year I wanted to show my support for another artist and blogger whose work and spirit of generosity always warms my heart and thrills my spirit. And boy, did she not disappoint! In addition to my print, sweet Kristen sent me an extra print, some cool tags made from her pieces and a confetti filled package that had Cowgirl and I on the floor gathering up bits for our journals and arguing over who got what.

detail of "fly free" by Kristen Walker with embellishment on package

Finally, Halloween itself was an energy high beyond anything a candy bar could induce. I think Cowgirl really believed she would be transformed on that night into a an actual ninja!

She was off the hook with energy and excitement and became absolutely giddy with glee as the evening wore on. She brought home enough candy to last us the entire year (we allow one sweet thing a day) and I am sure the neighbors gave her extra to fend off any future ninja attacks. And this holiday saw the return of a beloved character in our family:


Phew! That's a lot of action for one short week. Now's it your turn to share. What monsters did you befriend this weekend?

Until next time ...

Ninja's out!


  1. Frankenmoose!!! :) :)

    What a great ninja, too! =D

    It does sound like you'll need some major naps, but also like it was lots of fun.

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how fun it is to read about your experience of getting your print and seeing pictures of it. As someone who is just starting out, this means the world to me, and is about the coolest validation I could ever get that as funny as starting out feels, it's so worth it for a moment like this. Thank you so much, Lis! :) And I love the original, "moon & moth"! It's ***wonderful***!

    Happy, happy birthday! So glad I was part of it!

  3. PS
    Cowgirl Ninja and FrankenMoosie are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Did you dress up?

  4. looks like a fun halloween was had besides it kicking your booty and what lovely thoughtful bday presents. I like the idea of getting one for yourself.. the polas are coming along nice, very dreamy. May you have all you wish for on your birthday and always.
    Here is my inspiration post for today

  5. What a fun, exhausting week! Love that you give yourself a birthday pressie (happy belated birthday btw!), cos so do I. Cowgirl and FrankenMoosie are just too cute!

    Now go take a nap!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What was the date? Too bad my little prezzie didn't arrive close to the date. That would have been even better!
    Sounds like a crazy but fantabulous few days!
    Sarah was the clincher for me in attending SAW this year. I actually was going to use my birthday money to buy a couple of her originals, but then was tempted to go to NH and take a class with her instead, bellyflopped back and forth, and well, you know which I chose--the best decision I've made in a long time. Though there are still paintings to procure. Perhaps next May I will buy myself my very own Sarah Ahearn original! (Yes, I too am a firm believer in gifting ourselves. I tend to do it at Christmas too--shh, don't tell!) xoxo S.

  7. Happy 8th birthday :)
    How lovely to have your gifts and friends reflect the art full life you are living!

  8. Happy, happy birthday!! So much beautiful inspiration here, plus an amazing ninja!

    Here's my Inspiration Monday:

    And some sweet monsters:)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!! It sounds like you've had a busy but wonderful week. I can relate to that :).

    Frankenmoosie & your little Ninja are too cute!

  10. belated birthday wishes :) Love your photo's and I simply want to get some of those polaroid films now, I have been hovering but sooo expensive! I have my camera sitting waiting. . . . .

    And the dog, what can I say? :0 love it!


  11. Awww...happy belated birthday wishes! I hope you will be at the chat tonight - I'll bring the cupcakes.

    This is just SUCH a wonderful post with so much yummy goodness...the gifts, the art, the costume, the polaroid photos...and Frankenmoosie. Oh my.

  12. Hey Lis - Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was stellar. I am loving the Halloween costumes of Cowgirl and the dog. I love people who dress up their dogs - that hat is a riot.

    Oh and I will get back to you on the Jennifer Lee stuff. We're still in the infancy of it all but having the accountability seems to be key for me. And I'll get back to you on the wizard or high priestess question. ;)