Friday, September 11, 2009

Choosing Play

I am getting ready to teach a new workshop this weekend and my usual mode of operation would be to panic, doubt what I've set up, and run around like a woman with her hair on fire attempting to do even more than I intended out of a sense of lack.

So today I am trusting myself and my inner resources. I know I have a great afternoon planned and all I can do is show up and be present for the participants, responding to what they will bring to the session with an open mind. If I get too structured, I tend to cling to that program without allowing space for a natural flow. As one of my yoga teachers wisely said: Planning is priceless; plans are useless.

Today I will allow play to be my inspiration. And I am grateful for my Cowgirl who inspired me to return to art making with a curious mind and spirit. I will do errands this afternoon, but this morning I am going to fill my own cup by doing some art and seeing where it leads me.

So here is my weekend gift to you:

An Invitation to Play

Let go of what you know

And what you think you ought to


Adopt the pace of a child,

And find

Time suspended

In the act of absorption.

What is before you?

What do you see?


Delight in discoveries

Awaiting our notice.

Open to

Whatever arises

And go with it.

No moment more important,

Than the one present before you.

Accept its gifts

With a curious mind, and

A full and grateful heart.

Choose wonder over


Delight over


Play over


Allow spaciousness

To permeate your being,

Providing an field of infinite possibilities

Available in each moment,

A vast sea of potential

Present in every action.

Return to what we all once knew:

Ourselves as something larger than our minds dare to envision.

Pure, endless awareness,




Expression of Joy

Life flowing in

And out

No pushing,

No holding back.

Yes, let go of your adult ways

And become the child you were,

Or the child you wish

You could have been.

Let yourself play again

And marvel in the treasures

You will find.

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  1. Am I too late to say 'good luck'? I'm sure it'll go wonderfully.