Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Cowgirl!

Holy Moly! Today Cowgirl is 5 years old ... when did this happen? When did she grow so much? And what in the world is going on with all these sightings of fairies, angels and praying mantises? So the next few days will be madness as the official birthday party at the pumpkin patch is tomorrow (looks like the weather will be nice - hallelujah!) and lots to do today. So here is the pictorial recap so far (it's not even 10 am yet) ...

First off ... a lot happening in the growing up department. Two mornings ago I was making breakfast when I hear this noise ... a whistle. As Cowgirl was the only one in the room, except for Moose who has furry lips, no whistle from him, I looked at her and she looked shocked. "Did you whistle?" I asked her. "I think so!" And then she puckered up and blew and blew and then ... a whistle!

Now, you need a little background here to put this event into context. Awhile ago I told Cowgirl to stop growing! And she replied "I have to keep growing; I have to learn to whistle." So when she was whistling 2 days before turning 5, I immediately informed her "now you can stop growing!" She sighed and sadly informed me "Mommy, I can't stop growing."

This morning Cowgirl came downstairs and discovered the fairies had decorated the table with flowers (this was her request - flowers!) and paper cranes and a new origami swan (yeah, I was online at 10:30 trying my hand at various origami creations and settled for a bird) and a card in her mailbox and a special present.

A fairy house!

A fairy horse!

The rest of the morning was a blur and mommy realizes she needs that lovely $400 lens that would allow indoor pictures with less blur. Hear that fairies?!

And look what I discovered waiting for us on the back door?

Another praying mantis. I went back to take his picture and discovered this ...

Another even bigger one! That makes 3 in one month. So I had to look the totem up online. They are associated with energy flow or chi and the notion of moving according to our instincts and personal bio rhythm. Hmmm... and then there was this:

"Patient, perceptive and focused this little totem holds a powerful message. When it appears in your life it is asking you to direct your energy, your thoughts or your actions in a different way. Asking the following questions can give you the insight necessary to motivate appropriate changes. Have I lost patience with a particular situation? Have I been too patient, and if so, has this had a detrimental affect on me? Is my perception correct regarding a situation? Have I become narrow minded? Am I focused on my objective?"

Too much for me to digest right now. Right now the mini car track is being set up, scones are in the oven and I have a party to get ready for. Suffice to say, I am grateful for this all; I am inspired by angels and fairies as magic is all around us right now; and I am trusting the weather gods will not rain on our pumpkin parade. Everything else is going to be a blur of action and craziness.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I love you to the Milky Way and back again.


  1. Happy Birthday Cowgirl!
    And nice totem there. I'll swap ya for a toad :)

  2. Hooray! Happy birthday Clara! I just knew that the little pony would be happy with you!!

    (I'm glad my totem has been the horse lately...that praying mantis totem seems too challenging for me!!)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!