Monday, November 9, 2009

Simple Pleasures; Best Shot Monday

Life is a tad crazy right now with all my projects. I am keeping up with Art Every Day; I caught up in 52Q - pretty pleased with myself as I started with a backlog of 7 months or 30 weeks worth of questions; I am also gearing up for an exchange of handmade items for Seasons Round Exchange (three to five items are to be send to the partner I was assigned and she will be sending me a surprise package of goodies!); and there is the approaching move of my mother cross country to a retirement community here. Insane? Yes it is (or am I?)

Still, the activities keep me grounded in the present moment as I indulge my senses with colors, textures, shapes and materials. Each project reminds me of the beauty of each day and how the smallest action has the potential for great change, great love. I can feel overwhelmed by all I must do, but then I slow down, grab some materials and let my mind rest on the simplest of things: making a design, creating pattern, celebrating details, crafting something that blossoms before my eyes. I am finding art is my new meditation.

In the midst of all this, I am taking what time I have to delve into each sense as Susannah moves us through a magnificent journey of Unravelling Further. Last week we explored touch. Here are my two favorite things to touch: my daughter's silky hair and her soft soft skin. I love how she expresses the joy of being touched.

So, what touches you these days?


  1. She has a lovely expression of serenity on her face. Nice shot. :)

  2. the look on her face is pure tranquility!

  3. I love how her hand is on your hand.

  4. What a stunning shot. So beautiful and peaceful. I'm sure it will be one she treasures for a long time to come.

    ---Melissa G