Monday, November 23, 2009

Soapy thoughts

It occurred to me,

While canary

Rubber gloved hands

Reached into soapy water

Another pan to wash,

Many women artists and writers

Probably didn’t have

Families to care for.

Or if they did,

They had

To have had

Some assistance.

Someone to help them

Do the dirty work

Of shopping, cooking, cleaning,

Walking the dog,

Packing the next day’s lunch

In fire truck lunchbox

And my god!

Remembering all the details –

Music class on Wednesdays

Martial Arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Chinese on Saturdays

Backpack Thursdays

Trash on Mondays


Nose spray

Allergy medicine

Doctor and dentist appointments

Birthday party presents

Parties to attend

Parties to plan

Thank you notes to write

The minutiae that goes into

A child’s life

Never mind my own.

I know Stieglitz did not want

O’Keeffe to have children

Believing it would

Take energy away from her art

And I can understand that perspective.

I find myself longing for the chance

To opt to skip a meal

For a longer yoga session,

Paint or write

Instead of cooking dinner,

Go out on a photo journey

Rather than a trek to the store.

I think of these things


As I turn to see

Food to be put away

Trash to be emptied

The dog waiting for his supper.

Perhaps tonight I might

Trade this all in

For free time for myself.

But truthfully,

I know that this all is the grit,

The bit of irritant

Within me,

That compels me

To make my pearl.

My life

Frustrating, overwhelming,

Maddeningly mundane,



Rich in details

Overflowing with love

And laughter

I would not change a thing.

I am happy O’Keeffe’s art

Hangs in museums for all to enjoy;

For me, it is pure bliss and



My art sleeps

Well fed, comfortable and cared for

In my home.


  1. just beautiful.
    thanks for sharing with me the reasons why you blog ~
    i found myself nodding along as i read.
    truly our reasons touch on so many different layers...
    one of the greatest beauties however i feel for those with children,
    is this personal legacy created and saved for loved ones.
    i cannot think of anything more wonderful for a child to uncover ~
    than the art of their mothers love.
    and you capture it so wonderfully here :)

  2. Oh so true! And what an amazing and beautiful creation being nurtured by you! A true work of art!

    I somtimes think about the influence parenting has on my "artistic" side...My older daughter introduced me to the world of younger daughter is the reason I'm carving little clay horses. Things like that. I guess we're working together to create each other in a way :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lis!!

  3. mmmmm fodder for art every little moment...
    hugs and love to you,