Monday, March 29, 2010

Baking Madness

Here is my version of the chicken or the egg:

Which came first, the apron or the baking?

I am not a baker ... I am not patient nor do I enjoy being precise which seem to be rather important character traits for a good baker. But for some reason, I have been stirring up a storm in the kitchen. In addition to checking out new recipes from for banana nut muffins (secret ingredient - olive oil! - makes these velvety smooth) I also made a raw desert comprised of 5 ingredients: raisins, walnuts, dates, lemon juice and strawberries.

Yes, I was a bit skeptical and concerned since I was making this dish for a gather of friends later that afternoon. All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!

Incredibly easy and yummy. Only one small bite of this date torte survived the afternoon and I ate that while cleaning up. I am off to check out more recipes from as both these offerings were gobbled up by family and friends.

Meanwhile, I ask you: what is up with me and my new fetish for aprons? I dug out this one which had been an engagement gift from a family friend.

And I have a new flower power apron from this Etsy vendor (see my previous post for a picture.) I cannot say which is true - the apron inspired the baking? Or the baking created a craving for aprons? Just don't you dare call me a domestic diva!


  1. I'm afraid you'll jus have to face the facts: You are turning into a domestic diva, Lis. ;-) Just kidding. These look all so divinely yummy. If it wasn't already past my bed time, I would go to the kitchen immediately and try this myself. {hugs} Esther

  2. Hah! My goodness..our parallel lives. I'm planning on making an apron for my little girl for her birthday and am craving one myself! They are cute (or funky or whatever!) and much better does it get?!

    And I totally don't bake either, but am craving those foods...DEFINITELY going to have to check out that site.

  3. o yummy...both look

  4. Lis, thanks so much for the raw food website link, I can't wait to try out some recipes:) Your purple apron is so gorgeous, I am most jealous:) Sorry I haven't been in touch recently, I have Easter holidays now so I have solemnly promised myself to get fully creative again! I have taking part in the wonderful Unravelling course though, which I spotted through your blog; another thank you:) You can find my photostream on flickr, my name there is Moospeare.

  5. That dessert looks so good and thanks for sharing
    Happy Foody, will explore that later. As I gather up the one or two eggs our ducks are laying now and marvel at their whorled nests - I think maybe you are nesting...Spring, new beginnings rebirth and parenthood - nesting....and the apron look great, as does the flower power one too!


  6. Awesome header!!

    I really like banana nut muffins...I'll have to try making them with olive oil. Cute purple apron. I bet the flower power apron is too. Aren't Etsy crafters amazing? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great afternoon!

  7. Oh My Gosh I LOVE your aprons! I too went through an apron faze... I think I need to go to etsy and get myself one like yours. I like that it doesn't come all the way up around the neck. I think it would be much more comfortable...

    I actually love baking, but HATE cooking in general. I am not a good cook and I have no imagination when it comes to the kitchen. But I do make a MEAN chocolate chip cookie, and my apple pies!! YUM!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today :)

  8. dear Lis-I so appreciate reading the comments you leave on my blog-they are always thoughtful, wise and very encouraging. And yes, I agree, you are turning into a domestic Goddess:) I love these desserts and may have to try out one of these recipes-soon:) You may want to check out this blog I came across; it's a foodie blog. The writing is articulate and poetic, the pics are stunning in their Zen-like simplicity and ...the food! Oh! the food!!You will be dreaming of plump, juicy pies and almond-orange cake...but I digress:) Here's' the link Also, thanks for your kindness re my are so sweet

  9. ooooh yummy! and I'm always looks for recipes to add to my list for friends with various dietary needs. thank you!

  10. I always think of baking as a very Earth Mother thing to do. I don't have 'apron' phases - just dusty, floury clothes - but I do have baking phases! Your creations look wonderful!

  11. I've had a craving for aprons lately, too! Most unusual. Go figure!!

  12. oh yum, this sounds amazing. Thank you for the recipe.
    ps I love dandelions...