Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just say no!

Today's Wishcasting asks: What do you wish to say no to?

My first response was to say no to writing anything today. Something has me feeling the need to stay close to my bed and breaking the rule about no television on school days. Cowgirl is now on her second movie of the afternoon and I am draped over my pillows, sipping Sprite (drinking soda - another No that I have made exception for today) and daydreaming about what I want to do when I have some energy and when I no longer have a headache.

But as the day has worn on, lessons seem to have been plopped in my path and so I am mustering the energy to formalize my new intention. What I wish to say no to is comparisons. Understanding and maintaining healthy boundaries has been the work of my adult life; what I realized today is the one encroaching upon my mental space, whispering doubts and attacking my vulnerable spots is me,myself and I.

It is a trickery dance, checking out what others are writing, thinking, creating, and invoking and wanting to share enthusiasm and support for authentic creative expression while honoring the individuality of my voice. What happens too often is I carry back from my explorations a view of myself as less than and lacking. I lose sight of the fact that this is my journey to knowing and loving myself. To come to understand and believe the Truth that I believe for others: that we all hold all of the answers to our questions and that all that we need is to be found within our own hearts.

So today I wish to say a loud NO to comparing myself with others. To stop comparing my art, my writing, my photographs, my yoga, my teaching style to others because to do so casts a shadow over my light. We each shine in unique and beautiful ways. The garden is richer for the variety of flowers that bloom and even the earthworm and the beetle perform a magic unique and needed.

A beautiful being - who happens to be an inspired and inspiring artist and teacher - wrote this today: Please do not get caught in the trap of comparisons. Remember at all times that this is a practice, and you are always learning. And don't ever forget that there is great, great LOVE here for you.

Thank you for this beautiful gift ... I am committed to taking this love inside. And then locking the doors and saying NO to the negative voices that threaten to take that love away.


  1. As you wish for yourself I also wish for you. You are so right about compariaons, they don't help anyone. Here's to standing on our own two feet and claiming our artistic selves.

  2. As Lis' wishes, I wish for her also -

    Your photos are especially lovely in this post. The iris is my favorite flower. Beautiful.

  3. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well. And, well, maybe for me too!

  4. Oh that is fabulous and, I believe, necessary gift to give to yourself. May it be yours.

  5. Lis, I adore the line, "The garden is richer for the variety of flowers that bloom and even the earthworm and the beetle perform a magic unique and needed." I will take this as my mantra for today, thank you :)

  6. As Lis wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  7. This is a BIG one Lis, I hear what you are saying 100% and my wish is that we all stay true to our own journey while supporting and not comparing ourselves with others.
    As Lis wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  8. Hi Lis,

    Lovely wishes for yourself. Thanks for you comments also. Cynthia Rylant wrote Henry and Mudge, I made a mistake. Nancy Willard wrote
    "The Mountains of Quilt", which I love love love.
    Cowgirl might like Peter Sis, whose artwork alone
    will make you faint.

    good day to you.

  9. Just found my way over from Bohemian Shadows. Love this! Beautifully put! I have a lesson or two to learn here too.

  10. as lis wishes for herself, so i wish for her also. and what a worthy wish it is lis. a timely reminder for me too... and you probably just caught me in time before i fell into a vortex of self doubt and insecurity ~ thank you. and i love the last image of you on the post... beautiful :)

  11. YES! i LOve this post. NO comparing myself... no judgment. YES--I AM ME