Friday, June 25, 2010

Strawberry Moon

This full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon here in the U.S. and Rose Moon in Europe. Unlike other dream boards, this month's impending full moon seemed more uncertain for me. "Play with all sorts of dreams" was the prompt by Jamie Ridler. But I've been feeling overwhelmed by the flood of ideas, inspiration and numerous paths that seem to be popping up in front of me. Which one to choose? What to focus upon?

Uncertain as to how to proceed, I just dove in. I gathered the words and images that called out to me and let myself trust in the flow of creating. Only now, reading Monica's prompts for this full moon am I struck by the orderliness of my dream board. I see the structure or the grid of starlight through the trees and the background patterning of hearts acting as an anchor for the seeming chaos of ideas bubbling up inside me. I find myself recalling summer evenings from my childhood when I would sit outside on lounge chairs looking up at the stars and dreaming of the future that stretched before me. This memory recalls a sense of relaxing into time rather than feeling rushed or hurried. My hope is to reconnect this Summer with that more ease-full way of being in time, rather than racing against it.

"It's not too late" reminds me acting upon my dreams is always possible and each day is an opportunity to start. "Here we go" conveys the sense of adventure and playfulness that I have been trying to cultivate in my work and in my life.

I know structure and practice are essential to my staying balanced and grounded. Committing to a practice is how I honor the value of what I am doing and I am integrating creative activity into my life with a quality of reverence previously reserved for my yoga practice. Art and Yoga are my guides into understanding myself and understanding my world. Now I notice the Minoan snake goddess who holds a snake in each hand! The snake or serpent is one symbol for the energy of Kundalini which is the goal of Yoga practice. To awaken and to attune to this energy is to tap into our fullest potential as creative, spiritual beings. The times I have touched upon this experience are "A HA" moments when another piece slips into the puzzle. To have an "A HA" moment is an act of grace, but as the saying goes, practice makes us more accident prone.

I am putting my trust in doing the work, committing to the practice and accepting that it will carry me to the destination that is perfect for me. What this moon is teaching me is to focus on the essentials, focus on the underlying attitudes and not get so tangled up in surface flash and glitter. Stay true to my heart, honor my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses as places for growth.

I am looking out tonight upon a cloud covered full moon. The days leading up to this night felt chaotic and confused, but as the clouds drift by I am gaining some clarity on my present situation. I am taking time to reflect upon where it is I have been and pausing to enjoy this period in my life. Like a child, I am stargazing and allowing myself the time to let my ideas float through my consciousness while my dreams slowly take form.

Meanwhile, Cowgirl and I are on a little adventure which I will tell you more about when I am rested. Suffice to say, before any new undertaking, rituals need to be honored. Blue toes freshened up for adventures ahead. Stay tuned to find out more!

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What dreams is this full moon illuminating for you?


  1. wow your full moon board is really speaking to me.
    there is an amazing energy coming off of it.

  2. I love your dreamboard - the underlying art of hearts, the overlay of nature (sky, clouds, trees) - and all the fabulous words, especially the bottom right. Thanbks for sharing your thought processes around it.
    May all your dreams be fulfilled!

  3. I love your board. Going with the flow and diving in, committing to your practice, these are wonderful ideas to live by.

  4. I love your dream board. There is something just so magical about it.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  5. I soooooo need to take the time to sit down and sort out my thoughts on a dream board. It has been on the to do list for a while. Realy realy inspired- your dream board is great. I think that is what I am craving some order. So many projects, thoughts, ideas, opportunities, possibilities and never enough time or time managment ability.

  6. i popped in to say how i enjoyed your board (in reader) and find that it's a moon board... and that you intuitively sought structure. how fab is that?

    " My hope is to reconnect this Summer with that more ease-full way of being in time, rather than racing against it."

    just this morning i was doing NOTHING, and contemplating what a big deal that was. while my little girl played outside, i simply sat, drank in sunshine, and daydreamed. that is a BIGGIE for me.


  7. " Art and Yoga are my guides into understanding myself and understanding my world." YES! I love that! so beautifully put! Lis, I had an idea that I was wondering if I could email you about? Will you email me at, so that I can email you back? Thanks!

    P.S...I LOVE the color blue that you and cowgirl painted your toes! I'm about to go paint my toes need a little summertime shri!

  8. "a grid of starlight" I'm wondering how life would be if our guideline was always "a grid of starlight"

    I loved reading through your process and hearing your discoveries - you have a knack for telling a tale! There's magic in this dreamboard - an underlying, loving structure to support and hold magical exploration, a sense of dedication, sacredness and creativity, rhythm, beauty and awareness. The board of a creative explorer, indeed! May all of your dreams come true.

  9. My dreams are percolating at the moment as I am growing & evolving. Hopefully they will become more clear soon!

    I made a donation just before leaving town. Such a great cause! Can't wait to see the art you & Cowgirl create! I'm going to have to rereading your post about blogging with a purpose to remind myself how to enter to win one of your giveaways! Hope you all have a great holiday!!