Friday, July 23, 2010

Painting with a Purpose: Week 4 Giveaway (and Fearless Dreaming!)

Here it is, another Friday and we have our fourth painting ready to unveil:

Inspired by what is happening to me and to my tribe of female warrior painters over in BIG, I knew the name of this piece had to be Fearless Dreamer. In my humble opinion, this is our best painting to date. I am actually hoping a family member wins so I can buy it off of them!

If you are not familiar with our Painting with a Purpose campaign, click here for the details. If you haven't made a donation yet, now is the time! You only have to donate once and then your name will be entered into each week's drawing for a painting.
Just be sure to either leave your name on the pledge page honor roll, leave a comment here or email me at Lishofmann(at)novia(dot)net to make sure your name is entered into the drawing. A name is picked at random on Monday afternoon and the winner announced on Wednesday. So far we are close to $800 but let's not stop there! On Sunday I will be donating all proceeds from my Kripalu yoga class to the campaign. Our fifth and final painting will be posted next Friday.

Each week I am finding it easier and easier to tap into painting from the perspective of my five year old self, before I became self conscious and concerned about "getting it right." I am a recovering Perfectionist and Cowgirl is my sponsor! Each week she has
taken on a larger role in the pieces and her inspiration is manifesting in my work. It has been a challenge to override the critical voices in my head: she will select a color and I will start to say "no, that would look weird." Thankfully, I've learned to suspend my thinking mind and have yet to be disappointed in her choices. I mean - who would have thought red, green and yellow stars could look so wonderful?

I am also finding this project has led me into some Fearless Dreaming of my own. I have a project in mind which would combine Half the Sky Foundation and Photography. It is a small seed of an idea and I am in the beginning stages of researching its feasibility, so forgive me for not sharing more details just yet. But painting this lion has opened up vast reservoirs of courage, daring and lion-heartedness within me. I wonder, what Fearless Dreams are calling for your attention?

(For some summer fun, join me and a swelling list of Bloggers who will be participating in Susannah Conway's August Break. For the month of August I will be posting a picture a day Monday through Friday. Most days it will just be a picture, although chatty Cathy that I am, you know I will still be here with my Weekly Reflection and arty updates. Info on the project is here. To see who's going to be in blogger camp, click here.)


  1. I just donated Lis!! Sorry it was a little late in the game.

    I LOVE how FEARLESS both you and Miss Cowgirl are in your painting!

  2. Oh I love the fearless dreamer painting and of course I love that phrase. My fearless dreaming today seems to be thinking about who I want to be after I get over this surgery thing. I won't be the same me and I wouldn't want to be but then who do I want to be, how do I want to change, what will I offer the world next... Lots to think about.

  3. This is my favourite so far, being a Leo it really speaks to me :) I have donated but didn't get the email to confirm that it promised. Is there any way of checking? This is such a wonderful project, you are a star xxx

  4. Glad the donation came relatively quickly!
    Love the lion and what a great message! We need to be fearless dreamers!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I just love this lion. :) :) :)

  6. the bold colors you used are so perfect for that fearless dreamer! :)

  7. Oh fearless dreamer Lis! You are amazing! I am feeling the wonderful energy and excitement in your post. I just signed up for the August break-a summer camp with no rules or pressure! Perfect for me. Thanks for the inspiration!