Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Inspiration Celebration: hodgepodge

My week in review:

Made some art postcards

cards made for 21 Secrets - still plenty of time to join!

Painted my way through some nervous energy

Worked in my art journals (including the slow moving journal for The Sketchbook Project which is due, um, er, in 2 months time and I am almost half way through?)

Snapped pictures when I could (and not nearly enough to satisfy me)

And drove way too many miles back and forth to the veterinarian's office for a still ailing Moose dog (we are taking distance reiki, pixie dust, prayers, and whatever anyone has to offer to help him recover from some still unknown tummy trouble. Fingers crossed it - whatever it is - is making its way through or else he will need to go in and be scoped.)

No surprises, the greatest inspiration and the force that kept me going was a little munchkin who has become an Abba fan

I actually am amazed by this review because from my perspective, life was spent hovering on the edges of panic. Guess a little Dancing Queen works better than any sedative and perhaps should be my new mantra?

Oh, and I am loving True Stories ecourse/prompts which is really rocking my journal writing and ideas for blog post. (Thanks Pen!) And Kim Klassen has just started a new session of her Skinny Mini workshop for Photoshop which has warp speeded forward light years me in terms of my skill level with textures and corrections. (I'm not sure if she is taking new students, but get your name on a list for the next time she offers it!)

I could use a dose of energy and inspiration, so please share the ups (and downs) of your week.

Thanks for the support ♥

love, Ms. Toad on her wild ride


  1. What great taste Cowgirl has :)
    I'm really enjoying True Stories too, although trailed off the last couple of prompts... Must. Do. Better. This. Week!
    For me, I am feeling inspired by an old Oprah show (we get them like 6 months or so behind the US) all about eating more consciously. This is soemthing I have flirted with for a long time, but I actually got Cam to watch it with me this time, and he seems like he can be persuaded on this. So that excites and inspires me, cause amongst the e-courses and visualising myself as this creative artist, I quite fancy myself as a real foodie too ;)
    Sending Moose lots of love and healing energy

  2. My goodness so much going on! Poor Moose-dog -- well wishes coming your way.

    I'd write more but now I'm just thinking about the darn Sketchbook. *sigh*

  3. such great inspirations here as that you are painting your way through the nervous energy.. you are a FEARLESS painter!
    I have to get going on my sketchbook.. I have exactly 0 pages done...;-D
    Here is my Monday Inspiration


  4. Wow! So much beautiful art in this post! Really love all of it. Hooray for Mondays:)

    Definitely sending all best wishes to Moose dog (and his loving family) for a speedy recovery.

    And, seriously, what can't Dancing Queen do?:)

    My inspiration celebration here:

  5. big love to Moose-dog...for health and well-being....


  6. Dancing Queen cures all ail...I'm Swedish, I know lol!

    Love your art this week!

    Reiki and well wishes (and Abba, see above!) sent Mooses way. And yours. Sounds like you could do with it too.

  7. Poor Bat Moose- I will send some reiki.My week has been INTENSE with creative flow.Yes I am one of those NaNOWriMo people. Thus far I have written 13,395 words!Sketch book project is waiting ever so patiently in the wings :)I sent a package out & the post office worker liked my mail art so much-he took a picture of it!YEAH FOR SNAIL MAIL! Thank you for always energizing&inspiring me with your art&photos! Blessings-

  8. Reiki on the way from here too to sweet Moose.

  9. You have had an incredibly creative week, and once more I am amazed at your energy! You are the dancing queen for sure! Sorry to hear about Moose -- hope he is healing.

  10. I am such an Abba fan! Cowgirl is on to something! Sometimes at work if I feel down I make a special mix on iTunes of songs that you can't possibly feel down when you listen to them, and I can't tell you how many times Abba has been in those mixes!

    And most of all I wanted to say that I am going to put a prayer for your beautiful Moose dog in my prayer box tonight!


  11. great that you've got so much expressed through art, journalling and photography. Can I just say this week (already!) has been super tough (teen tough) and today I took down to the photographic studio in college with a friend or two and snapped away on my theme of stories and I feel so much better. art saves (at least for me!) :)

    I am getting ready to post soon but going through the photo's. thanks for stopping by.

    love your photography btw :0


  12. great cards, my fave is the second one.

    sending tons of healing vibes to poor moose. :(

    my girl and i danced to abba just this week!

  13. ~music can definetly take our minds off and carry us away...such creativity flowing about in your days...oh my goodness...i l♥ve each piece...i am digging deep into my pockets for whatever i carry with me sprinkling sparkling igniting all magic and wishes for him to be on the mend...much l♥ve and light to lift your spirit and keep you strong...blessings my dear friend~

  14. Oh, poor baby Moose... and you, too! Gosh, it's so hard when they're ill and can't tell you what's up. Sending you both lots of love and I really hope Moosie's on the mend. Has there been any improvement? Gorgeous pics, as always and I love your coffee cup collage! Lots and lots of love. xx