Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Inspiration Celebration: snowscapes

We had our first batch of snow over the weekend. Big flakes started coming down Friday night and Cowgirl was outside trying to catch them on her tongue. The next morning - the only morning I can sleep in - and she was in our room bright and early, asking me "When are we going to walk Moose? I promised you I would walk him with you and you know, I keep my promises." So despite the cold, damp winds and slushy conditions, how could I not be infected by her enthusiasm?

The one nice thing about snowy days is they inspire me to stay indoors and create. I brewed up an extra pot of coffee and spent the morning painting for The Tribe. Connie has reminded us to return to the basics and one essential element (a priority I need to add to my holiday sanity plan) is joy. What would bring me joy in this moment? What would delight my senses and my spirit? What emerged, I'm not completely sure. A dreaming dog?

A sense of ripeness and fertility:

The painting Tribe has also been working on faces and I made two for my art journals inspired by the question: What kind of woman will Cowgirl be when she grows up?

Finally, I tackled an item on my list of 100 things for 2010: to make myself an apron.

I cannot explain my recent fascination with aprons although I am thinking it is like putting on a superhero cape in hopes of transforming myself into domestic mom. I had aspirations of baking, but once the apron was finished the only thing I wanted to do in the kitchen was reach for the wine glass.

I even made a few postcards trying out some new techniques I learned over on 21 Secrets:

It seems like a whirlwind of activity, but actually the weekend felt very relaxing and peaceful. We even had time to take in lunch and an afternoon movie of MegaMind with the girl. Of course, what I did not do (and perhaps is the secret to all this peacefulness) was go grocery shopping, so today I swung by the new Trader Joe's and stocked up on some necessary supplies and treats.

I think my new resolution to stick to priorities is off to a pretty good start. And helping me to stay present and really engaged with this special time of year is Mindy Tsonas's new ecourse This Moment which started today.

I think you can still join as we will receive our first workbook prompts tomorrow. Today's intro gave me goosebumps - I think it will be a powerful gathering of fearlessly creative, honest and supportive spirits and I am proud to say I am a part - a very small part - of it all. I am considering it part of my self-nurturing supply kit.

So now tell us, how are you doing? Or perhaps - what are you cooking up? I can help you make an apron perfect for any inspired mess. ♥


  1. Ohhh, I love your painting of the dreaming dog! And the part about reaching for the wine glass after making your apron made me laugh out loud :) Your apron is so fabulous! I am in awe of your sewing skills.


  2. i also had a good chuckle at the post-apron activities....hearin' ya on that one.

    oddly, i painting what i think is either a coyote or wolf in my journal the other idea why..although mine isn't flying. lol

    sounds a lovely weekend...full of all the best things -- art, family, extra pots of coffee (and wine)

    but not snow.


  3. Way to be productive! I need a bit more of THAT in my life! And I just love your dreaming dog. It makes me happy just to look at him floating through the air so peacefully.

    Did you like Megamind? That is one thing I did actually do this weekend :) My husband and I loved it.

    And nice wine drinking apron :) Perhaps I'll put on my apron (which sadly I did not make) and have a bit of chocolate in your honor.

  4. I love seeing what you've been up to! Look at all these amazing projects:)

    Here's a post totally inspired by you!

    Hooray for Mondays!

  5. What gorgeous artwork! Such freedom and colour and definitely joy!

  6. I guess you have to do something special on a snow day. Oddly enough I dreamed of snow last night - driving through big honking slippery piles of it. But I digress...I absolutely love the dreaming dog picture. It doesn't get much better than that. And thanks for reminding me to get back to my own 2010 list. I know there is ONE thing, a big thing for me that I want to tackle. Must run and check out This Moment class now.

  7. I can't wait till it starts snowing here!
    And Lis, is there no end to your growing creativity? That apron is awesome!

    Please share your This Moment journey. I am desperately trying to restrain myself from doing any more e-course, until I've actually completed the ones I have previously signed up for! I have the same problem with books...

  8. Great job on the apron! And I adore the dreaming dog (?) painting!

    I love those days that feel relaxing and expansive and creative.

  9. 1. OMG SNOW!!!!! yah!!!! i can't believe we don't have snow yet and i love seeing yours :)
    2. your paintings are AMAZING
    3. i am obsessed with aprons too! working on my first one :) there is something so sweet about them.

  10. Lisa you have so much wonderful, juicy inspiration going on here.. LOVE the painting and the apron..I have been a bit silent this last week but here is my inspiration for the week: