Wednesday, July 20, 2011

having my cake ... (sharing my table)

This week's theme at 52 Photos Project is the table at mealtime. The present heat wave has kept me out of the kitchen, so I thought I would share the incredible cakes my friend Michele makes for her daughter's birthday. Every July I know we will be treated to another creative and delicious cake in addition to fun themed parties.

Two years ago we went to a luau:

Last year was Hello Kitty:

This past weekend was a fiesta complete with taco party, pinata and mariachi music:

The best part of all - Cowgirl does not like cake (unless it is an ice cream one) and so I get to have double my cake! And I always enjoy eating every colorful, sweet, delicious bite.

Speaking of parties ... be sure to check back on Friday for your invitation to our big August bash. Shhhhh ... it's a surprise! But expect lots of presents!


  1. yum - now i'm craving a piece of cake!

  2. now I am hungry for hello kitty cake, must find one now!!!


  3. at the moment, Miss 3 isn't into cakes either. me, i LURVE cake. total comfort food.

  4. Loving the Hello Kitty cupcakes! :)

  5. i the only one YET AGAIN feeling inadequate for not throwing fabulous birthday celebrations for my kids? LOL

    AWESOME -- i totally LOVE the Hello Kitty one!!

    i had the BEST cupcake today. seriously. i'm still thinking of it fondly...

    i'm not a cake person either...but this cupcake was like heaven in a paper cup.


  6. Lis, how sweet is this! Love me some cake.
    And your art project?! Amazing - I will share the link on my twitter & Facebook for you.