Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Inspiration Celebration: Connection

It's been pretty hot and steamy in our part of the world. The days are still busy, but we try our best to get out of the heat and seek water whenever possible. The days seem to be drifting by and it is hard to believe summer is more than half over. We have slowed down quite a bit, taking time to enjoy the benefits of summer: longer days, fewer obligations, time to be with family and friends.

All of which has got me thinking about this web of connections that seems to have magically appeared in my life. I am busy with The Elements of Art Journaling sharing the experience with two of my best art buddies known only through the internet (although that will change this October when I room with Tracy for the Total Alignment retreat where I will get to hug all of my Fearless Painting tribe.) I am looking forward to SouLodge with another of my online crushes, Wild Woman Pixie Campbell who I will meet at Squam this fall. I have gleaned so much wisdom from Pixie's blog, especially as I turn inward and trust the guidance brought forth through the wisdom and the tools of Mother Earth and all her creatures. Every day gifts are offered to me: another feather lying in my path; hawk soaring right over my car; deer grazing by the roadside, soft eyes glancing my way and reminding me to practice gentleness with myself and my loved ones; frog leaping into the grass suggesting it is time for retreat and self care.

Then there are the gifts of conversation carried on with dear friends, old and new who remind me to practice the gifts of writing, painting, sharing and connecting. Many have asked me if I believe these online friendships are "real" given they exist within a space of convenience and ease. I tell you, come to my home and see the artwork gracing my walls - pieces purchased but also gifted to me by these friends I've only cyber hugged.

top print: Pixie Campbell; bottom: Soraya Nulliah

my altar- photograph by Susannah Conway;
medicine bundle by Pixie Campbell, Buddha card by Connie Hozvicka

The evidence of all these women's tangible influence and support can be found in
my paintings, art journals, writing and photographs. Their wisdom is woven into my life as a mother, creative being and spiritual seeker. While I do not sit physically in a sacred circle, I recognize I am a part of a web of connections spiraling outward, embracing and empowering more and more women.

When I take all of this is, I am pretty amazed. My heart swells with gratitude for so much generosity, grace, honesty and daring. Anne Lamott wrote a wonderful piece about parenting in which she advises a friend:

"There is not much fixing, or controlling, or saving people on this earth. There is only listening, seeking wise counsel, trying to help, and rest. There's only now....As someone once said, or should have, you give them [your children] roots, you give them wings, and you pass it all on. Write it down, one sentence a day if that is all you can do. You'll be an old hand at raising infants at about the time it no longer serves you. Then reach behind you and take the hand of a person with a newborn, and help him or her, as you find that someone with a toddler is reaching for you, who is holding the hand of a kindergartener's father, or mother."

I have reached out for many hands who have helped me navigate over the roots and rocks on this path and I would like to believe I am always reaching back, ready to offer assistant to those following behind me.

This past weekend, I had many hands reaching in to support me and Cowgirl as we prepare for our big project: Painting with a Purpose 2011! I want to finalize all the details before making an official announcement, but trust me it is going to be big. Jump up and down big. Reach out and hug the person next to you big. Lots of art, lots of giveaways, love and glitter being flung all over the internet. Possibly a few coyote yips and definitely some paint will be splattered, cups raised, connections honored.

Can you feel the floor shakin'? Can you feel our hugs coming your way? Get ready ...


  1. Lis - I can FEEL the energy from all of this! It is absolutely fabulous. Yip Yip Yippeee!!

  2. I think Grandmother Spider is well pleased by all of these connections!You are such an inspiration to me- with each post,photo,poem & art shared. . . I am soooo looking forward to meeting in Pixie's SouLodge with you.And I've decided if the Universe does send me back to the Midwest,I will be knocking on your door so we can sit in circle together!

  3. Sounds exciting! Connections are such a wonderful thing and I cherish those I've made through workshops online! Looking forward to the offical announcement!

  4. My most real and available friends are all ones I've met through this internet thingy. Also, it is night while I read your post and it is so muggy outside while I am trying to smoke that my glasses fog, my computer is wetting with condensation and my ukulele is warping out of tune.

  5. i can't wait to hear what you have planned! i, too, truly cherish my online connections. :-)

  6. friendships, online and offline are what we make them : ) can't wait to hear your 'news'!!!!

  7. Yes these online friendships/connections are real.. I treasure mine with you and look forward to hugging you again in realtime this September.
    Can't wait for the big reveal!!


  8. PS:
    Even though it's Thursday here's what is inspiring me lately.

  9. This is very cool. I love to see the joy that we are all creating and receiving by saying YES to each other!

  10. Hurrah, I too am taking part in the SouLodge course :) I think it is going to be a really magical experience, a time for the goddess to shine.