Monday, November 21, 2011

we believe ...

"Do you believe in fairies? … If you believe," he [Peter] shouted to them, "clap your hands; don't let Tink die."

It's been an event-filled week here. There was this exciting development:

This tooth was hanging on by a single strand for days. Cowgirl would not let us touch it but she gleefully would shove her mouth in front me, displaying the torment twisted tooth. She bumped it and it was bleeding but still we could not pull it. Then, to her amazement and surprise, she sucked in really hard and the tooth popped out.

She is very proud of this feat of dental daring and repeatedly informs us "I can't believe my tooth came out!"

Cowgirl scored a hundred percent on her spelling test this week. You may remember that studying her spelling list is one of the more odious tasks in our daily routine. I would rank it up there with scrubbing out the poo from a monkey's cage - a thankless job with the added risk of one's self getting smeared by an angry (and caged) simian. The fact that I drilled her and coached her every day might have earned me a smidgeon of gratitude but no, instead she informed me that the Fairies assisted her. Apparently they are able to hide in the folds of her skirt or in her hair, whispering the correct answers to her in her moment of need.

We've been talking a lot about the Fairies lately. She has told her other friends at school and to her amazement "They don't know about the fairies mommy!" Her good fortune in knowing and cultivating a relationship with these handy helpers is just dawning on her (but does she thank me? Noooo ...) and she is sharing their secrets with her best friend who "trusts me and believes what I tell her."

So with the perfect spelling test and $1.50 from the tooth fairy (you've got to get a crisp bill AND some silver) the Fairies have been busy at work in our home. I'll admit, I was feeling left out of their magic when this friend appeared in our backyard:

It was a cool, but sunny Sunday early afternoon when I spotted Fox napping in our garden bed. Her appearance was nothing short of a wish come true. Two years ago I spotted a fox crossing the road in our neighborhood and I have been thinking about Fox in recent weeks. That first visitor gifted me a lesson about taking chances and daring to pursue what calls to my heart. Working in the SouLodge I have been greeted by many guides in dream form but I will concede, I had been hankering for some concrete proof of, well, magic in my life.

So I had been thinking how seeing a fox right now would really seal the deal on my faith in such matters. I've been watching the roadside, scanning the nearby fields and farms for a creeping presence. To have Fox curled up and napping in my yard waiting for me to discover her is fairy magic indeed!

Perhaps I need to give credit to my latest guardian and guide birthed last week during our time in the West in SouLodge.

Like me, my Spirit Protector is wearing the signs of her hard won faith. Her heart bared for all to see and she reminds me to love my life is an act of fearlessness and trust. Thank you fairies, thank you Fox for helping dissipate any doubt.

Fairies ... we believe! We believe!


  1. love this Lis and love your spirit protector..

    lodge sister

  2. oh my. what a gift, indeed. love your watercolor fox.

  3. Ava is distraught when kids at school tell her that fairies don't come to their house. I explained that fairies visit people at different ages and they might not visit some people until they're 30 years old. She takes comfort in knowing they will visit everyone eventually.

  4. I believe!The Fey folk do no take lightly the offerings you two leave for them.I have found they LOVE whole cream, honey wines, and ginger beer :) That Fox allowed you to see Her(and take Her picture) is so very magical.Your yard is indeed a place between the worlds!!! :)

  5. We believe too!! Congratulations on the tooth loosing, such a big transition, one that we are also in the throws of, it can be a tumultuous time. The fox is beautiful.

  6. I believe! And I was just looking at your goat paintings and oh how I adore them!! And the donkey, sheep, and now this fox! Oh my! Beautiful. Keep up the amazing work my friend <3

    Bunny hugs,
    ~Brandi Marie

  7. oh, we believe, we believe!!!



    (there's been TWO teeth lost here this week - very exciting stuff, as you well know)


  8. How blessed are you to get your wished granted! a fox in your yard, who sat still and let take a picture of it? you know that had to be the Goddess telling you that she loves you.


    Once my daughter Gloria kept hearing noises in her romm at night and was convenced it was brownie's. I don't know if it was or not but it made her clean up her room!

  9. I really like your watercolour of the fox. Good job.

  10. We believe! We believe!

    Wow! A real live fox. That would be beyond a miracle here, and I am jealous. :) I had ducks visit instead.

    My daughter is praying for a wiggly tooth since she realised the tooth fairy left her brother money. She is determined she has a wiggly tooth that she won't leave her teeth alone. I fear she will make all her teeth fall out prematurely if she doesn't leave them alone. :)

    And why would you get any credit? We are only the mothers. :). My son is the same with his basic facts for maths.


  11. I have two fun spelling list tools for Cowgirl:


    The first one lets you create your own spelling tests and take them, and the second is just a simple tool to make recordings, but you can use it to record your own spelling word lists (maybe in different accents? :))

    I feel for the girl - spelling tests are one of those tedious parts of young humanhood :)