Friday, November 4, 2011

where i am ...

Spending a fair amount of time chewing my cud.


Scribbling notes to myself. Lots of lists.

Listening to messages from my angels.

Been here ... but haven't.

I am giving myself the month of November to write my heart out, create the handbook I want to share with you all.

Of course, still painting and playing. I learned from Spider that what I need in order to live in trust is to stay connected with the practices that place me in flow.

Challenging myself to think outside of my box.

Gotta roll ... I have things to do.

Pretty miraculous this life. Ups and downs, yes. But overall there is so much that renders me speechless.

So nothing new to report. And yet ... everything is changing.


  1. *nods emphatically*

    i've gone off into the wilds....not sure i belong around the campfire.....i'll sit just outside the firelight from time to time and listen in, though...

    happy everything to you, my dearest one!


  2. your dangerous thought is both thrilling and terrifying!

  3. Wow Lis, we've both written spider posts :) Spooky, I hadn't read yours and felt drawn to write about Spider :)

  4. Love this post,Lis!And thank you for sharing your dangerous thought for the day. I am off to ponder what mine may be!

  5. Love this post-I feel the energy of movement + transformation + renewal. All great and fantastic things!! Oh!! And a very happy happy birthday to YOU!!! Love your paintings the fact that you completed what you set out to do:)
    P.S. xxx