Saturday, October 29, 2011

birthday moments

It was a quietly grand day. I got to sleep in late. The Husband walked the dog. I had the morning to myself which I needed as I had one more painting to do in order to complete my 49 by 49 series. Yes, I thrive on deadlines.

I had one moment of panic when I thought I had miscounted and only had 48 pieces completed. One was hiding. I also realized I had painted two Kuan Yins (one can never have enough compassion I guess) although I am thinking the second one (painting number 48) might be my own goddess - Moon Goddess who has brought about all the major miracles in my life.

I debated who should be the last painting (of course, in essence my guides and guardians will continue expand as long as I continue to open to guidance and growth in my life.) Krishna or Shiva? I like the idea of Krishna - the lord of devotion, love, Bhakti yoga. Wooing the gopis, the cowgirls, playing his flute and invoking inspired dance and singing, he is a groovy god.

Alas, my path - my nature - is more closely aligned with Shiva. The cycle of creation, destruction and transformation - that seems to be the major theme of my life. Dedication, commitment, practice and the challenge to these principles - I call them Life's pop quizzes - these principles are the framework to how I live. As I end one phase of my life, I am opening to the next cycle. So Shiva (who is also Nataraja - "Lord of the Dance" so there is a little funky groove in there) completed my series.

My gratitude to all who made my day so bright and full of love. Truly, I feel blessed in my life to have so many bright lights illuminating my world. I felt a huge cosmic embrace yesterday. I know my mission in the coming year is to be sure and add my squeeze to that almighty hug.

As it was also the day of Cowgirl's school Halloween parade and party, I decided the best way to honor myself and the day was through pictures. Some taken with my new Lens Baby, my gift from The Husband.

Cowgirl's gift to me: one of 2 paper snowflakes
(she excels in the art of Chinese paper cutting!)

a bounty of unexpected gifts

a fluke shot - but it accurately captures the mood of a Halloween parade
(Cowgirl and her buddy are black cats this year)

party activity: decorating graham cracker houses -
not for the tidy at heart!
(look at that radioactive frosting! and there multiple shades of orange, blue and purple)

Cowgirl's Gaudi-inspired house - love dem bones!

funny, we can't say the word vampire in front of her ... but she can pretend to be one!

Halloween, here we come! The question remains: who will I be this year?

Whomever I choose to be!


  1. jesus but if i'm not the world's worst friend...

    trust me to be out crashing about in the woods on your big day.

    *hangs head in bad-friend shame*

    would it help if i gave you the map to my Nutella and Peanut-Butter cups stash?

    a fresh pen?

    my twig collection?

    MUCH love to you....your paintings are effing brilliant, by the way.


  2. All of this WONDERFUL! As I read through I thought that each paragraph had "the" essence of what I would say to you, but it turns out that it all did. The shot of your 49/49 is amazing. And may I be one of the first to tell you that life after 50 is great. Embracing crone-hood has been an effort but it really marks a stage of wisdom and "letting be" so much around me. But you will see for yourself. It must be a bit odd having a birthday at the same time every year as another traditionally celebrated one. My own birthday falls on or very close to Labour Day (my mother still doesn't let me forget about that). I hope you find yourself surrounded by love, secure in your spiritual travels and your creativity piqued. I'm blowing my noise-maker and wearing my party hat for you!

  3. love love love seeing all your postcards, and guardians, together. how absolutely wonderful!

    some year i might, just might, make time to create a little something for you. and some year it might, just might, coincide with your birthday.

    but for now. know that many hugs, much love, & oodles of sisterly sharings are being sent your way. everyday.


  4. Happy, happy belated birthday! Love seeing your gorgeous paintings - what an inspiring project:) Here's to another wonderful year!

  5. Happy belated Birthday! *Hugs* Love the 49x49 series. You are a true inspiration, Lis! Yes, you can be whomever you choose to be, such delicious freedom. Cheers to you! :) xo

  6. Happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry my wishes are belated, but they just took some time to ferment :) Uh, that doesn't sound good, does it? Well, it looks like you had a wonderful day, and your series looks amazing! Love the colors!

    Here's to a wonderful, colorful year! :)

  7. Sending you many belated birthday hugs my lovely friend xxx I am so in wonder of you completed,inspirational art project. Wishing you a new birthday year full to the brim of flourishing dreams, happiness and light x Thank you so much for your recent message, I haven't been as active on the web as I would like these past weeks, the beginning of a new school year and a lot of family issues taking up my energy and time. However, I am pondering and creating as much as ever and you will see a lot more on my website again, promise xxx