Friday, October 14, 2011

my three c's (and lots of p's)

I've been pondering these questions posed by a in a special SouLodge circle gifted to SAW attendees:

What do I most want for my loved ones?
What's behind every gesture of love that I make everyday?
What three qualities describe who I am as a contribution to this world? How do I incorporate those qualities into my life and how do I extend those gifts towards myself?

In the shower (the best place for ideas - you know, water, flow, being in the body ...) I came up with my three c's: cherish, curiosity, and connection.

Cherish was obvious to me - it is my style statement (I am a cherished creative!) When I think about my loved ones, what I want most for them is to feel and know themselves as beloved for who they are. Cherish conjures up the sense of appreciation and celebration for the individual. To cherish someone or something is to honor the qualities that make them unique. When we feel cherished, we feel seen and loved; we know we are held deeply within another heart.

Curiosity has become my favorite quality. To be curious is to engaged fully with life and all its adventures and magic. To be curious is to be an explorer, open to the unknown and eager to discover new things. When we are curious we believe our understanding of the world is meant to be always changing, growing, and expanding.

Connection for me is about honoring individuality but recognizing the bonds that unite us. Connection is knowing we are participating in something larger and that our lives extend outward in waves of influence and empowerment.

Empowerment is a HUGE concept for me, but it seems when the other elements are in place it just naturally flows.

What I find challenging is to consider how I weave these qualities into my own life - how do I nurture for myself being cherish, curious and connected? I think I am pretty good about supporting the last two ideas, but harder is knowing how I create or support the act of cherishing towards myself?

Things that make you go "Hmm ..."

There's the very likely chance I am being hard on myself. I mean, I have been making time this week to yes, paint more poppies!

(Seriously, they are addictive! They must be related to increased levels of serotonin or some such bliss hormone.) By honoring my need to have time for pure pleasure and joy, I am acknowledging and cherishing my joyous self, aren't I? I've been painting myself bouquets of poppies - watercolor love notes perhaps?

I know, I'm crazy with this whole poppy thing. But what it has opened up in me is an adventurous side, a me that is feeling frisky and playful and wow! creative.

So much good stuff happening. I am totally digging a practice called "dropping ink" which Leah Piken Kolidas shared on goddess Leonie's World's Biggest Summit. (While I could not find the exact video, here is another variation Leah offered):

I have been playing with ink, watercolor crayons, water soluble oil pastels and whatever is handy in the moment. I also have been drawing with my non-dominant hand (and painting with my dominant one so often I have both hands going at once!)

this was just india ink on untreated paper - i went back in with watercolors.
some kind of crazy turtle woman and angel/magi keep manifesting?

my picassoesque horse.
hmm ... here are those flames again ...

total WTF? a zoo nightmare? rhinos and tigers and monkeys ... Oh My!
(yes, yes ... a pink elephant ... sigh ...)

no clue. strange lady in a cavalier's hat?

Not sure how to tie this one all up (other than to hope no one is trained in psychoanalysis ... je suis un Surrealiste!)
I know there is more for me to ponder and just to offer these ideas out to y'all because, well, connection is my thing.

Along with adopting new accents it seems ...

Sleep tight my friends. Know that I love and cherish you all.


  1. perfect words -- absolutely beautiful. (like you)

    LOVE the inkblots....i do this all the time, unbeknownst to myself, making pictures out of the smudges on my blotting paper. naturally, i want to make more!!!

    the poppies are brilliant too, i might add.

    cherish -- what a gorgeous word.


    i'm all out of pumpkin pie - may i have a slice of your apple one?


  2. I LOVE YOU!!! I just do and curiosity is my new thang I LOVE engages every piece of my you for always reminding me to look deeper are just a gorgeous soul

    thinking about my words

  4. Dear sweet Lis-I LOVE your poppies!! Seriously LOVE!!! They are fresh and vibrant...and also love the inky + watercolor + yumminess!! I have been following your adventures...from Squam (soooo jealous) to Sedona to your last post where your "teacher" was an ASS. total ass. we've all had just those "teachers" and maybe they don't know the scars they leave. But as Dr. Estes says...scars are good...they leave the skin thicker, hardier, resilient.
    I love your three C's...can I steal them for mySELF??!! can we cherish ourSELVES? I think it's very diffeent for everyone. For was about setting boundaries, believing in mySELF, painting we change...what we need to cherish ourSELVES changes too.
    And yes...YOU ARE BRAVE!! We all are. we keep on keeping on.
    P.S. thats' funny about your dream with the cookbook. My last post talked about a cookbook Apples for Jam!!!
    P.S. I hope your mom is holding up...and you and your family are too. LOVE xxx