Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a dollop of joy on a gray day ...

Deep in the thick of compiling my handbook for Joy Warriors ... found I needed a little self care and discovered this video:

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this before - but I am a huge George fan. I probably wouldn't be practicing yoga or meditation if not for his example. His music deeply inspires me - I consider him and myself bhakti yogis. So, on this day I've been thinking about George, spirituality and, naturally, ukuleles. Thank you George.

I'm blaming my introspection upon the weather and not the impending birthday. Another year coming at me ... is it just me, or is time speeding up?

[Shaking her head ] Excuse me ... um ... oh, yeah ... Beatles ... What about you? George, Paul, John or Ringo? What music do you listen to when your joy tank needs replenishment?

(I once heard a writer say that most women over 40 have their hair cut in some form of a Beatle-do. I suppose my style is reminiscent of their druggy Sergeant Pepper days ... perhaps its time for an update?)


  1. yay for birthdays! celebrate!!!!
    double, no, triple YAY! for Joy Warrior handbook!
    And quadruple YAY for ukuleles!

  2. Loved this!! And, of course, I'm also a huge George girl, myself. Same deal, absolutely wouldn't be who I am today without his profound influence.

    Take good care of your dear self!

  3. Hmmm. . . John Denver!! :)Ever since our 8-track player, it is a time honored favorite in my family!
    And,in the last few years, DJ Cheb I Sabbah' s album Shri Durga. . .

  4. Yes time seems to be speeding up drastically! Ukeleles rock. They have such a soul sound vibration. My go to music at the moment if my well needs refilling is chanting but I have a schizophrenic ipod, so also think Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow, Bananarama, put in a pinch of classical, and some classics like the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac and and and I could go on. Multiple personalities!

  5. I guess you could put the bowl on your head and cut around it for that Beatle-like look. Ah yes, that pesky birthday. I know you will find a way to embrace it, forget about the numbers and celebrate all that you bring to the world. As for music, I just discovered a local radio station called Planet Jazz and they play wonderful mixes - some really old style Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra and lots and lots of Motown plus some newer jazz newbies like Michael Buble, Adele, and lately much of those Tony Bennett duets. I kind of fell out of the music loop for a number of years preferring silence to any kind of background noise so I'm really enjoying dipping my toe in the water again. And I am loving those John O'Donoghue talks you mentioned, so much I want to hear more - can you recommend any of his other recordings (I think I liked the one best on creativity but really they were all great and I fell in love with his voice).

  6. god, but i think i want to take up the ukelele now! i have such memories from elementary school...the entire class strumming horribly away...and me in pure left-handed-in-a-right-handed-world torture....LOL

    LOVE that the joy warrior handbook is being written..can't WAIT!

    wild donkeys getting ridden all over the place around here....