Saturday, December 17, 2011


Count down has begun ...

Still painting ...

Still receiving support and inspiration from my angels ...

Still knitting ...

Still writing cards ...

Contemplating drinking ...

Miles to go ... it's the North Pole or bust!

How's your holiday season going?

For some inspiration (rather than desperation) check out my offering for Margot's Love Gift series. Each essay is the perfect balm for a holiday weary soul.


  1. oh my gosh - I need 3 more weeks at least!! so glad i'm not alone!! :) hope you are feeling better and better! xoxo 'see' at the fire...

  2. Thank you so much for my card - love it! Also really enjoyed your guest post - yes, I'm all about the welcoming these days, too:) Hang in there! I know everyone will enjoy your creations:)

  3. Love the photos which let us in on a bit of holiday around your home :) No snow here- just rain(finally) and lots of GREEN grass!

  4. Hurrah, my angel made it safely to you :) I am feeling the count down too ;)

  5. Nothing like last-minute production knitting! I'm in that camp, too - I'm kind of glad I have a 5-hour train ride on Friday!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Why are you just contemplating that glass of whiskey? Dive in! Seize the day! Five days left, so much still to do. I am breathing and taking one step at a time (and one drink at a time). It's great having kids around right now, I feel like I'm getting away with so much fun that I would never have "allowed" myself to have as an adult. Many lessons in there. I hope the antibiotics are helping your body heal from the Virulent Bacteria. And I love those colours that you are knitting. I could see a hat in there that I would actually wear (not big on hats). Maybe you should sell your wares!

  7. I am with you..breathing in and out..


  8. Thank you for the card Lis... We appreciate your kind thoughts... We're sending you and your family love right back. XxxLL