Friday, March 23, 2012

springing awake

I am slowly stumbling out of the fog and lethargy that was the end of Winter.
I find myself craving solitude, space and time to think and breath. I move cautiously in my morning practice and often just sit in the sleepy peacefulness of predawn meditation. I gather loads of library books on herbs, container gardening, along with poetry books by my bedside. I reacquaint myself with old friends on the page and in real space and time. This feels more like a time for Thanksgiving as I find myself awakening on many levels: spiritually, personally, and creatively.

Everything feels fertile; especially my dreams which provoke a profound shifts in my understanding

Lying in a field
on my side
my lover -
the one I seek but never find, the one I yearn to know but am denied -
lies down behind me.

His body cloaking mine

I feel the warmth of breath against my ear,
I feel the press of lips upon my cheek,

I sense him waiting.

And as quickly as he appeared,
he is gone.

I awake from this dream
with the familiar sense of longing,
frustration from
denial of desire
that seems fated to know no home.

And then it strikes me -
all these years I’ve believed myself to be waiting
upon another,
when all along you have been with me
closer than my breath
under my skin
acceptance and love perpetually on offer.

And it’s not me waiting
but you.

Awaiting my recognition,
my receiving
what has been held out to me,
accepting the gift
I never believed was mine to claim.

Until now.

Spring awakening:

love and birdsong fill the air,

robins mad with a passion

that envelopes me.

I will no longer
deny what calls to me


I am ready to roll over
and give myself
to the embrace.

What is awakening within your heart, your mind? What new growth are you discovering? Is it just me or does it feel like this season is about to blast us into the next level?


  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I'm breathless.

  2. It's one of those times where I just want to branch out. I'm not aiming for depth, I want width. In my experiences, in my knowledge, in my thoughts. I feel like I have been within my narrow cave for too long and now its time to come out and explore.

  3. *gasp*

    loving this....all of it......

    i definitely feel a profound shift with this season....not even going to question it, just gonna roll with it.

    gorgeous poetry...and i love Bunsen in the first photo...Bunsen Honeydew...that's his name. just so you know.


  4. Lis,

    I am so grateful for your messages in my inbox and your emails to me. What a lovely shot of rabbit here! Maybe you would like a shot "at" rabbit here with how she eats up your garden ( just kidding, really) but I think your energy invites them in to come and sit a spell (shades of The Clampetts!). Whilst I wade through my Living Hell, I am trying to keep abreast of all the wonderfulness out here. Let this be my official thank you for feeling like you are keeping me in the loop of the many classes we share. There is so much to reap in SouLodge, in Latisha's HerbCamp. I am hovering in the background but because of the weirdness in my son's school system I have not been able to integrate with the other participants as much as I had hoped. But I am steeping and working the plants - dried versions as I do live on the north east coast and it is rather optimistic to assume otherwise.

  5. Oh, Lis, the poem is beautiful and conveys so well the energy swirling around us as the sun stays longer and rabbit reminds us of the fertile cycle of things-
    Your Muse is inspiring my Muse!!
    Much love & WILDNESS-

  6. stunning. perfectly stunning.
    there has been a shift hasn't there? so profound. really.
    you are beautiful my friend.

  7. so beautiful Lis - yes - I'm wearing my astronaut suit ready to blast off! ;-)

  8. Lovely! Yes, this does seem like an extra powerful spring to me, with everything blooming at once here in TN...

  9. beautiful! And yes, this spring feels a little extra-springy :) I spent the weekend with husband Andy - he had a birthday on Saturday. I took a lot of photos and teared up looking at them -realizing how precious these weekends are and how quickly it all flies by :) I feel like I am ready to embrace the moments a little more deeply right now. Perfect poem for an extra special spring :)


  10. bravisima! it is not just you, my friend, i feel it here too. i feel the unfurling of the petals, uncovering a radiance that has been building.

  11. Wonderful post! I too feel as if life is gearing up for something big. I chose Release, Replenish, Rebirth as my motto for this year thinking 2012 would be a year of cocooning, contemplation, healing and growth but I had no idea it would propel us towards building an entirely new and more authentic lifestyle. So much is going on right now and so much more is to come. It's going to be a wild ride!