Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my party girl ♥

I blinked my eyes ...

and now she is eight.

We have been a little crazy around here with celebrating.  Parties with her cousin whose birthday is 3 days after Cowgirl's ...

Celebrating at school, at home


And later this week with our official birthday party (which means I am trying - yet again - to figure out a fun goodie bag offering that doesn't include cheap plastic toys and/or candy.  Okay, so plastic dinosaurs are being slipped in, but what else?)

How much cake, ice cream and brownies have I eaten so far?  Only my thighs know for sure. Cowgirl proclaimed to the lady at the frozen yogurt shop  - we have been celebrating for awhile now -  that she was turning eight "and my mommy is going to be ..." Oh yes, she gleefully told everyone in line the milestone I will be celebrating far too soon.  All I can say is: More cake please.

 Meanwhile, I am incubating some big magic of my own (hence my absence here.)


Not to go all cryptic on you all, but since returning from Squam things have shifted in the old gray matter and let's just say inhibitions are being shed and an unfamiliar sense of bravery and "why not?" is pumping through my veins.  Stay tuned (and stay patient.)

Many wishes have been made, promises whispered and dreams spoken ...

Confidence is an eight-year old girl seizing her day.  I am following her example. 


  1. happy birthday beautiful Clara and yay for the brave in your veins - it looks good on you xxx

  2. Happy Birthday lovely amazing Cowgirl :) You are so blessed and loved by all. Hey Lis - what about a theme for the party goodie bags? (crayons, markers, crafty things??) just an idea - xoxo

  3. Here's to "why not?" and shifts and ground changing stuff. One of my favourite loot bags items is a $5 gift card for the local bookstore (we have "Chapters" here in Canada) together with a piece of chocolate (nut free, of course) and a small plastic toy or some such thing. I like the idea of getting kids into a bookstore and even if $5 doesn't buy much of a book, it plants a seed. I, too, hate spending money on stuff that will break or be tossed out quickly and when I think of the money I would have spent in place of the $5 card, it is always more than $5. Am I making any sense? I hope so! Rather tired and spent after single-handedly hornet exterminating these last 3 days.

  4. such a magic age. lucky you to be present for all she will reveal. enjoy the celebration and all the milestones that this new year will bring.

  5. Oh Lisa this was such a beautiful and heartfelt post! I enjoyed every word and every photo! You are truly blessed and so is she to have such an incredible mommy as YOU!

  6. Happy Birthday, Cowgirl!!

    Isn't it amazing what seeds Squam plants? Can't wait to see what blooms in your world:)