Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Squam 2012 - Top Ten ♥

I have been home for two days but I swear my spirit is still in transit from Squam.  This year was my third Fall retreat.  Somehow it seems fitting that even after multiple trips, a couple of us traveling in together still got lost as if to emphasize familiarity does not lessen the possibility of wonderment and magic.  Squam continues to enchant and inspire.

I've used a lot of words in past years to describe the Squam experience.  Loads of pictures as well.  Maybe it is my advancing age or travel fatigue (can one be fatigued by too much celebration? Oh yes!) but all I can manage right now is my top ten things I loved about Squam 2012.  In no particular order, they are:

Sharing conversations in the dark with a dear girlfriend (the best roommate ever!) I firmly believe sleepovers should be mandatory for all ages.  

kerry, please don't kill me for posting this!  but isn't she a beauty?!

There is something essential about conversations held while snuggled under cozy comforters, the blackness of night accentuating the cocoon like nature of a cabin room. Loon song in the background is a bonus.

 A daily commute on trails, through the woods.

A tribe of women welcoming you home after a full day of creating and celebrating.

the women of Brae Cove

Deep soul work with equally soulful women.  Who can hold your tears along with your laughter.

SquamLodge with Pixie Campbell and 8 other goddess wild women

The lake ... always soothing, healing and inviting (no skin diving this year, but many swims!)

Virtual friends becoming hug-able realities.

with new sister Erica and finally meeting Herb Mother Latisha

New connections made and existing bonds strengthened.

my sisters in Brae Cove cottage enjoying a final evening together

Magical moments everywhere.  Just look up ... 

or down.  

Opportunities to challenge and stretch myself; new perspectives and new experiences.

Loving teachers and friends supporting and sharing in the experience of possibilities widening, expanding and spreading out in our world.

with Maya Donenfeld who guided me through some sewing milestones in the creation of my story scarf


I've lost track ... is that ten yet?  I would mention the food except I was too engrossed with devouring it to take any photos. (This kind of work generates a hardy appetite.  That commute needs energy!)

I know in the weeks to come I will uncover more gifts Squam bestowed upon me.  That is the magic of Squam: it slips into your soul and travels home with you.

the prayers and wishes of our cabin dancing in the lakeside breeze

acorn spiral created for an Earth Art class by my cabinmate Liz



  1. I am so happy to see this post...I wait every year for the "after Squam" posts to start appearing! Someday I will make it there!

  2. How amazing for you! It really looks magical. Thank you for sharing... I think some of it rubbed off on me all the way over here. :)

  3. ohhhhhhhhh I want to walk around in your pocket-- you captured it all!! oxoxxo, e

  4. oh i hope some day to be there with you! xoxox

  5. one day, my dearest love, i'll be in one of those photos with you....

    glad you're back....even more glad it was as magic-filled as ever.

    a letter...yes...there is one...still in my head....but almost on it's way.

    much, much love...xoxo

  6. oh, i feel like i'm right back there in those woods...hugging you.
    beauty in and out...squam. you.

  7. amazing
    what a blessed time!

    love and light

  8. thank you for sharing this sacred time with us... your words, the photos = i feel as if i have been transported as well. i'm so happy you were able to participate.

  9. Such riches; your photos are full to the brim with creative energy, warm friendship and sheer magic xxx
    Lots of love and let us Skype soon,

  10. loving this post! through these amazing photos and words I got to experience a bit of Squam too - thank you my friend :) xo

  11. Just a total treat to get time with you!! Thank you for capturing it all so well here!

  12. Lisa, this is wonderful. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's pictures! It was so great getting to know you - I loved sharing a cabin with you. :)