Friday, December 14, 2012

monkey wrenches and other holiday occurrences

Ha!  I bet had you thinking this multi-passionate gal has taken up auto restoration in addition to sewing, painting, knitting and kamikaze baking (my baking skills such as they are could be seen as threatening to all.)

Alas, dear friends, while I do enjoy the British show Wheeler Dealers (even Cowgirl sits transfixed by the nuts and bolts transformation of classic cars) the monkey wrench that has been tossed into my engine is merely the common cold that has me in bed, cutting out fabric stars for the holiday gifts I must get into the mail, um, yesterday?

The count-down has begun.

Inspired by Maya Donenfeld and Liz Lamoreux who each have created artful prayer flags (Maya using her own carved stamps and Liz using antique hankerchiefs) I decided to play with making my own.  I love carving rubber stamps - it is a very soothing and relaxing process. (I've blogged about makings rubber stamps before both here and here ; here is a nice video tutorial for making your own.) 

I wanted to create a set of flags for a friend embarking upon a new phase of life and so the rather Spring-like new beginnings theme in this prayer flag banner. 

I also made lavender sachets filled with the most fragrant lavender from Apifera Farm.  The smell was pretty heady and I believe I may have had a lavender-induced  trip or two which is my excuse for some crooked but expressive sewing. (And yes, these creations were also inspired by Maya's work - I couldn't resist this wise old hoot owl to accompany me into the land of nod.)


Why do I do this to myself year after year?  There is fabric, inks, paper and art supplies strewn across three floors of the house (since I am recovering in bed, I've dragged my wares upstairs making complete the transformation of home into hovel, albeit a colorfully festooned crafty hovel.)  Obviously my body is sending me the message to slow the hell down and I really have no choice.

And yet.  In my Dayquil addled brain new ideas spring forth and the improbable seems possible.  Could I knit a few pairs of wrist warmers for family gifts?  (Meaning: I don't have to worry about getting these gifts in the mail, so that allows for Christmas Eve - nay, Christmas morning! -  knitting.)

And now here's a new thought: what about creating Word of the Year Prayer Flags?   Depending upon the word, I would use theme-appropriate stamps or fabric appliqué with the word printed on the middle flag?  Would that be something you might be interested in enough to purchase?  I'm thinking when I finish my gifts, I might be up for creating a few custom orders.  So let me know (although I reserve the right to plead Dayquil insanity should the response become overwhelming.) 

So here I lie, spinning plates in my mind while downstairs there waits projects to be completed, packages to wrap and cards to be written.  No wonder Santa has his elves! 

And speaking of elves ... I had mine help me draw a name for last week's giveaway and the lucky winner is ... drum roll ... Kim from The Bodhi Chicklet.  I think there will be some vermouth or java to celebrate!  Congrats Kim.  I will be passing the information onto the Bluestocking Elf in charge of enrollment!  


  1. I adore the ganesha print on the lavender pillow. And I love the idea of word of the year prayer flags, although I haven't chosen one for 2013 and may not. Last year I wasn't going to choose one, then I decided on "no" and "me", and I have said "no" to plenty this year and am still working on putting "me" first. What do they say..."that's why it's called a practise"? I am very excited and grateful to be a part of BlueStocking (feeling a little giddy but that might be the vermut). Take care of yourself! What are you thinking - knitting right up to and including Christmas morning?!

  2. i received a lavender pouch from a student of mine a couple years ago and always throw it in the dryer while i am washing my sheets - such a wonderful, enduring gift! your stamps are so beautiful.

  3. you, woman, are mad.

    but in a good way.

    LOVE the fabulous sachets and prayer flags and oh, those wrist-warmers!!!

    this year i had the brilliant plan to NOT craft anything for Chrimble, but instead, start AFTER said event for next year.

    that is either sheer magnificence on my part, or setting myself up for procrastination to be followed thereupon by sessions of self-flagellation when i'm empty-handed next November. but that's just how i roll...



  4. feel better, love!
    i can't believe all the lovely creating you're doing given the dayquil-induced days ;)
    you have some lucky people in your life.

  5. Oh so beautiful Lis...and Cowgirl! I love making prayer flags...nice work ladies!

  6. You are one crazy, creative and beautiful woman!