Wednesday, March 12, 2014

how do you feather your nest?

Home has been on my mind these past few weeks.  Not all that surprising given my new elevator rap (you know, your 1 minute introduction spiel) is "I work out of my home ."  Work IN the home, well ... that is another matter.

Through conversation with my women's circle, I discovered many of us use the laundry as a means of jump starting our day.  Being the master of my own time clock, it is challenging to make that shift from bathrobe, slippers, cup of coffee and the morning paper into some form of productivity.  I admit the structure of a job forced me to prioritize my time and not having that container has left me a bit too free-form.

Without realizing it, I've lapsed into a pattern.  Not unlike my dog (who has been very vexed by the changes in HIS schedule; predawn walks a thing of the past and daily schedule anything but regular or predictable) I do crave some routine.  It steadies me, gives me comfort and ease.  Within structure I can let down my hair and go wild! How do I start this frenzied dance of my day?  With a pile of dirty laundry.

I believe this habit started last summer when I was using my drying rack outside (freedom from the tyranny of the dryer and its bell!) and wanted to make use of all the available sunshine.  The pattern is: rinse the coffee cup, open all the window blinds (my main floor has 16 windows!), shuffle upstairs and grab one of three baskets brimming with laundry.  Once a load is in, I can tend to cleaning up myself.  The hum of the washer seems to set the mood for some intense creative thinking, working, doing.

the coffee table is currently serving duty as book-airing out central!  The lidded pan is filled with clay cat litter and a musty book.

I've also been looking around my home and noticing the ways it expresses - or counters - the atmosphere I wish to offer myself, my family and guests.  Standing at my front door, the first thing I noticed was the dying house plant, the blank space upon the living room windows and the lack of color.  My credo is: curiosity, connection and celebration.  Does my living space express those ideals?

I now understand my home to be - like me - a work in progress.  Never to be completed because we - my family - will never cease to be growing, changing, learning or developing.  So how can my home be an extension of that process?

Being the first space we enter when returning home, and the last place we pass through on our way out, the mudroom off of the garage has become a kind of mini-art gallery. Cowgirl & I created a new dreamcatcher to insure what only our good dreams enter the house.  (We have also have a  spirit catcher and a house gnome ... all bases are covered!)

A quick fix was a Spring prayer flag ... I can foresee seasonal additions and having Cowgirl's participation in future installments. 

And more plants! My science-minded husband cannot argue with a NASA-sponsored study on the best plants to improve indoor air quality.  Armed with this list, I am excite to visit the plant nursery this weekend.  A bit of needed greenery will balance out  my wood heavy home! (And while I'm at it, I will get some seed packets and get busy on my herb garden.)

As I move through my day, I periodically pause to see what is in my environment? What is offering me inspiration?  What is reminding me of my intentions, dreams, or aspirations?  I am appreciating how powerful simple gestures can be ... a vase of fresh flowers, a photograph, a painting made by loving hands help keep me tethered and on course.

If you want more inspiration or would love to participate in this conversation, here is a great place to start.

Happy nest fluffing!  It IS almost Spring and the birds and rabbits are getting busy and so should we!


  1. Do you plan on doing an inner glow retreat this year? I couldn't find an email to email you directly, sorry!

    1. The next offering will be The Gift of Practice ... later in April. I haven't set a date for the next self care retreat ... perhaps before summer? The year is getting away from me! You can email me at: Lishofmann(at)novia(dot)net and I can let you know! Thanks!

  2. So lovely. Thank you for sharing.